Share Your Voice Giveaway

Share Your Voice Giveaway

On Jan. 4th we launched our subscription membership and if I told you I wasn’t scared, I’d be lying. Like really scared!

By doing this, I stepped into expansion. I stepped into vulnerability and I edged ever closer to my fear.

The night before, as I tossed and turned, I kept thinking about words from Rebecca Campbell‘s book, Light is the New Black -“Jump and let the universe catch you.”

Creation & Destruction

Creation & Destruction

I’m excited and (crazy nervous) to share these videos with you today. Why? Well, they document one of my creative processes that went rather awry…like I totally had a meltdown and had to start over! It’s embarrassing in some ways but completely cathartic in others to just be OPEN about it and let you watch the whole thing unravel. LOL!

Winner - TAOS 2018

Winner -  TAOS 2018

Hello lovely readers, I hope your week is going along beautifully!

I wanted to announce today (a few days late! Sorry!!!) that the winner of the TAOS 2018 Giveaway is...


Hello lovely creatives,

I hope your weekend was beautiful and restorative.

I'm thrilled to announce that registration for Let's Face It 2018 is now OPEN! In 2018, we will travel through time, and study the different art movements and masters from those periods, as we learn more about portraiture, figurative art, style development, and so much more!  This will be another year full of dynamic lessons from a variety of uber-talented creative guides! I'm so honored to be one of them! Join us now!


Last years class boasts more than 900 students internationally! So come join the Let's Face It movement and enjoy this rich, supportive and vibrant community of creatives learning together.

I'll look forward to seeing you in class!

Have a wonderful week.



Winner - Let's Face It 2018

Hello lovely readers, I hope your weekend is going along beautifully!

I wanted to announce today that the winner of the Let's Face It 2018 Giveaway is...

Susan Wright-Boucher

Congrats Susan! You will get FREE access to this powerful YEAR long online portrait class. The incredible line up of teachers is simply astounding. You will walk away with new found confidence, skill and inspiration for drawing and painting portraits and more! I hope you enjoy it.


Thank you to everyone who entered and left wonderful comments on the blog. Only 2 more days till Registration opens! Woo!!!


Much love and gratitude to you all.