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It took me a while but I’ve realized that for many years I drove myself to create constantly so I would have “something” to post on social media. Embarrassing to admit but the absolute truth. I found myself feeling rushed, competitive, anxious. Feelings I don’t enjoy.

The constant urge to be validated, to soothe my ever hungry ego. One more like. One more comment. My ego devoured each one, a momentary satisfaction, only to be left feeling empty once again.

Now, since I’ve been writing more and unraveling why exactly I create, I have begun to slowly untether myself from these self made shackles.

I don’t do art for other people. I don’t create to make others happy. I create because I want to - because it brings ME joy.

I realized that by pushing myself to churn out creations I was not honoring my creative cycles. The creative energy that ebbs and flows in us all.

I had begun to warp my relationship with my art. With myself.

So now, I breathe deeply and know that when I’m quiet, when I’ve gone within, when I’m processing and mulling and stewing and wondering that that is just as important as the actual creation of a piece of art.

Create for you, create because you must but create in your own time. Follow your flow.



non-dominant hand sketch

One gentle way of releasing emotion and finding a flow to your drawing is to switch things up and use your non-dominant hand. I found this truly quieted by inner critic (ego) and allowed me to create with more freedom and expression!

I explored this extensively in my class - Between Shadow & Light. Enjoy this quick, free sketching video and watch as I create with my non-dominant hand! Give it a go!


How did you find that? Awkward? I encourage you to do several more of these. Accept that your non-dominant hand is going to feel strange and create bizarre lines or even childlike marks that may alarm your logical mind. Be aware of the feelings that come up. Be patient and open. I’m excited to see your sketches and hear your thoughts on this process.

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