A Watercolor Warmup

Wandering Through Watercolor : Warmup

I hope you are well! With Spring fast approaching, I’ve been noticing tiny blossoms beginning to bloom! I’ve also been noticing lots of beautiful floral watercolor creations in our community! I think there must be a connection right?!

So today, we wanted to share this lovely and inspiring “Watercolor Warmup” video from Natalie Mecham’s wonderful class - Wandering through Watercolor!

If you haven’t checked out this delightful class we highly recommend you do!




Your FREE Watercolor Warmup…

It’s important to have an idea of how to use our materials and to know how they will react to one another. In this warm up exercise, Nicole wants you to trace or measure some small squares onto your paper. She used 2x2” squares on cold press 12x16” paper. Draw simple pictures in about half the squares. Try not to overthink this exercise, this is meant to be only practice.

Things to remember for this warm up:

  • Experiment with your supplies

  • Splatter paint and clean water

  • Sprinkle Salt

  • Use paper towels to dab up color

  • Practice dry brushing

  • Practice wet into wet

  • After the squares are dry add details with pencil and white pen

NOTE: This video is mostly sped up because Nicole wants you to get right to your warm up piece. Take your time but don’t get stuck on the details. You don’t need to do as many squares as Nicole. She just wanted to show you a variety paintings.

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