Hello dear friends! I'm so sorry for my absence. My uncle passed suddenly and so I traveled to Florida for his memorial. It was a bittersweet trip...sadness and loss coupled with the heart warming sense of a family coming together and reconnecting. I saw cousins and aunts that I hadn't seen in over a decade. We cried, we hugged and we laughed too. My uncle would have liked that. My hubby and dear Grace stayed behind and I missed them but of course leaving your home for a period makes you appreciate it that much more. I am glad to be home.

Going from the Florida sun to the Oregon rain was a tough downshift though, so I thought today I would share with you dreamy images filled with warm sunlight. A little eye candy to start your week off right...

Can't you almost feel the warmth? Here in Portland, we live for the scattered sunbreaks that Spring delivers. We had one on Friday and I found myself driving down the road, sun roof open, windows down, radio up with a ridiculously huge grin on my face!

Although brief, it was magic.

Hope sunlight is flooding your day!


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Christmas around the world: Paris

I miss our Vicarious Vacations. Do you? I do love to research new places and although it was hours of work, I miss that feeling of discovery. So...I thought I would start a new little series celebrating the holidays. These journeys won't be as thorough as the VV's, but I couldn't resist hunting down beautiful images of places around the world and how they look at this special time of the year. I asked Grace which city I should begin with and of course she said, "Paris!" Together we perused Flickr, finding the prettiest pictures of Paris during Christmas.

Here's what we found...

The City of Lights certainly doesn't disappoint. It would be truly magical to stroll the Parisian street during Christmas. Maybe one day we will...

Want more? Check out this video tour...featuring some of the elaborate window displays on show this season...


What is your favorite city at during the holidays?

Hope you have a lovely Monday.


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I need a zen moment.

Okay...look I'm all for multi-tasking but I really don't advise trying to make lip balm, cutting out paper snowflakes, printing flyers, doing laundry and blogging at the same time! A blend of afternoon coffee and my nerves about the gift show have got me into quite a tizzy. I really need a zen moment.

Breathe deeply and enjoy a quiet moment admiring the beautiful work of cheshire smile from Flickr....

The softness of her work makes you feel better doesn't it? Soothing and so lovely.

I needed that. Badly.

Hope it encouraged you to relax...

Okay! Back to work!


Needed: A creative mint

Wow...I'm tired today. I haven't slept through the night in a while and it's starting to get to me. I have been sitting, staring at the computer screen, wondering what to do. My head is all fuzzy and all I can think about is napping. I was just about to give up when I saw the latest pics posted on Flickr by Leslie from the insanely gorgeous blog, a creative mint. They are so inspiring and I quickly perked up as I perused her lovely portfolio of work. She is entirely to blame for my new found obsession with ribbon, fabric, string and buttons. I don't sew and don't plan on starting anytime soon but I just love how pretty these objects can be...anyway...I had to share with you.

I am consistently amazed by her ability to create such gorgeous color stories. If you've never been to her blog, go check it out. Her dazzling style and attention to detail is always refreshing. Just what I needed on a sleepy, rainy Monday afternoon. Thanks Leslie!!

I think I better go brew a strong cup of tea!


All images via a creative mint

Everything gray

No, I'm not depressed, nor has the sun left us just yet. I have a thing for gray. Last night I dreamed that I was looking thru Flickr finding beautiful gray photography. Strange? Yes, but I'm hardly surprised, since I completely overdosed on my blogland visits yesterday evening. I decided to follow my dream and do a post on all things gray.

Gray is such a soothing color to me. Perhaps that's why I don't get too sad in the winters here. The rain can be incredibly annoying but on the other hand, on gloomy days, my yoga pants, warm cups of tea and good books beckon me to the sofa. Gray can be soft, feminine, elegant but I also find it such a comfy color. Like a hug. It reminds me of sweatshirts, knitted cardigans and cozy scarves. Heavy clouds. Dripping rain on the window. My kitty cat (she's very gray).

I guess I just love it.

All images via weheartit

And look how lovely it looks in your peacful.

1. domino twin beds, 2. domino gray, 3. love the two tone of gray, 4. marie claire bedroom

Want some gray Etsy lovelies? I got ya covered.

1. Hettle 2. laralewis 3. whiteowl 4. vaeda

I hope you love these gray things as much as I do.

As for your weekend...I hope it is beautiful and sunny! After all, summer's not over yet.


Portrait of a Goddess

Sorry for my recent absence. I threw my back out on Tuesday and have been in bed ever since. Today, I finally feel like I can type on my computer, so here I am. Upon emerging from my pain killer haze, I thought a little wander through my Flickr contacts would inspire me and lift my spirits. It did and I had to share with you an artist who does some amazing things with photography.

Sarai is self-taught and has been obsessed with the art of photography since 2007. Her natural ability is evident and it is inspiring that through this medium she finds joy, inspiration and the essential outlet through which she expresses herself and also honors her brother, whom she sadly lost to the war in Iraq. The depth of her emotions is felt within her work and each of her whimsical images tells a story.

To me, these first three feel like portraits of goddesses. I adore mythology, so they really resonate with me. She captures both their feminine grace and quiet strength. Stunning!

Enjoy the magical world of Sarai's work...

Go here to check out her inspiring photostream.

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday.


Images via: Saraibelovedfotography

Let the sunshine in...

I was perusing my Pinterest boards and I wanted to share a beautiful collection of dreamy sun filled images.

We are off to the quaint seaside town of Manzanita, to stay at a friend's vintage beach cottage!

Can't wait to get down there, unwind, sit around the fire pit with my feet in the sand and take a ton of photos!

Have a gorgeous summer weekend!


Images via: Rowena R, violetbellaphoto, yyellowbird, Gabriela Gattaneo

Color Love Friday

Today, I was very inspired by these beautiful images where color is the focus. I love how everyday items can transcend their simplicity when arranged artfully and with purpose.  The rainbow hues are quite magical. Enjoy...

Have a colorful weekend!


Images via: 1. the green vase, dressdesigndecor, danske

Keys, keys, keys!

Today's the day! We get the keys to our new home this morning at 11:30!

We are beyond excited. I'll be blogging about the design process and sharing lots of before and after pics.

Have a fantastic Thursday!



Images via Flickr - 1. Antique Garden Shed Key Necklace, 2. Clouds and Honey Antique Key Pendant, 3. Antique Skeleton Key, 4. Queen's Hat Antique Key Necklace, 5. Antique keys., 6. Recipe and Key, 7. antique keys, 8. The Key, 9. I Have a Secret-Antique Key, Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace, 10. Skeleton Keys, 11. Queen's Hat Antique Key Necklace, 12. Antique Keys, 13. antique keys.14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

Inspired by Rowena R

So it's 8:22 pm on a Saturday night and I'm already in my PJ's. Yup...totally lame but I don't care. I'm comfy, cozy and ready for a long overdue early bedtime. I was exhausted today. I had to have a little wander thru my Flickr favs before I go to dreamland. I found myself so inspired and in love with Rowena R's Photostream. She is a master at capturing whimsical, light filled pictures that make me sigh. I love them...

Adore the contrast between the soft, cool, blue light and the warm, golden tones.

This series done with blue fairy lights is so beautifully surreal. Sigh...

Goodnight lovelies.



Inspiration of Light and Shadow

So my new addiction, next to Flickr is DeviantART...and I was lucky enough to happen upon an amazing photographer from Singapore: Zemotion.

This first one makes me want to stop everything and write a novel about this woman.  Her images have such grace and a beautiful balance of light and dark.  Lovely.

Enjoy her beautiful and inspiring work. View her gallery here.

Hope you have a fabulous Thursday.



Inspiration found...

Kinda had a hard day today. Felt really stressed out and hurried...

I sat down, stealing a quiet moment, while my daughter played in her room.

While sipping some jasmine tea, I logged onto Flickr and found inspiration: Katarina Silva's photostream. (sigh) So lovely...

She uses this quote in her profile, I adore it:

“Love is the axis and breath of my life. The art I produce is a byproduct, an excrescence of love, the song I sing, the joy which must explode, the overabundance—that is all!”

Anais Nin Oct. 21, 1934

Enjoy the journey she shares with you, it's an ethereal world, one I did not wish to leave.