Welcome my friends to this FREE project lesson - A Feather & Wax Landscape! I’m so very delighted you have joined me!

This wonderful Mixed Media and encaustic project is part of my Flight & Feather Class! It is a favorite of my students, so I decided to pull this sweet lesson from the workshop and offer it for free so it could be available to more students!

To get started, let's talk supplies...


Please use what you HAVE!  It is not my intention at all to have you purchase everything on the list.  Buy only what you think you will use. There are a number of essential materials needed as noted below. Let me know if you have questions.

*Essential Supplies

Let's BEGIN!

In this mixed media and encaustic project, we are going to create a dreamy simplified landscape in a monochromatic palette, playing on the subtle shift of color. I use vintage papers to create the collage but you can use any collage papers, although stay away from slippery magazine images or wax papers...these don't play well with the encaustic medium.

I feature a tree as an element in this piece and collage it onto my board.  I printed this image on my laser printer. If you use an ink jet just make sure to spray it with some fixative before glueing it down, this will help it not to smear. You can also use a photocopy. Don't feel that you have to use a tree...use an image or symbol that resonates with you! 

{You can find many black and white images of trees here.}   

I couldn't resist sinking a sweet feather right into that delicious wax too! Feathers and wax make for a lovely combination! 

***Please note that you may have heard that acrylic paints and encaustic don't mix and while that may be true with heavy coats of acrylic paint, I have found no trouble using thin layers of paint with the wax on top. The chalky nature of craft paints also seems to work well with the wax as opposed to a more slick surface that some acrylic paints create. I have also not had any trouble embedding the paint into grooves of the wax. If you like, you may use oil paints instead.***

Before you begin, if you have never used encaustic wax before please watch the video below to understand how to set up your materials and ensure good safety. 

Now that you have a good feel for your set up it's time to jump on in! Enjoy this project and let me know if you have any questions. You can jump into my student Facebook group right here!

Okay how's it going!? Isn't wax magical! Now, let's continue to develop this piece with special finishing touches!

I truly hope you enjoyed this process! The things you can do with wax is truly endless! Please don't forget to share your pieces in our Facebook group

I can't wait to see what you create! 


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your teacher. It is the most rewarding, humbling and inspiring job I’ve ever had and I’m learning everyday right along with you!

Please do continue to share your artwork with the world, no matter your experience. It only encourages others to be brave.

Much love and gratitude to you all.



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