girl's room

A Labor of love - Grace's Nursery

I was sitting in my daughter's room this afternoon, surveying the horrendous mess of the day. Legos, dolls, blocks, her beloved fairy collection...all of it strewn across the floor. Obviously, we'd been having a lot of fun but as I sat back in the cozy armchair, I remembered a time when she had been a tiny baby in my arms. Her room was pristine back then.

As an interior designer with a bad dose of pregnant nesting, I completely obsessed about creating the perfect nursery for my little girl. Each object, selected so carefully.  Perhaps, it made me feel tranquil and in control during a time when my body was on autopilot and my mind constantly worried.

Nevertheless, it had been a room that I could truly put my heart into. A special place for my new baby.

So...I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and share some photos from those early days.