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Back from New Mexico

Hello Friends, Hope you are well! Our trip to Las Cruces, New Mexico was lovely. It was warm and sunny everyday - EXCEPT the day we had to leave! It snowed all night and day! Getting to airport a hazardous blend of ice skating, bumper cars and obstacle course - adventurous to say the least. Finally, we made it.

I've never really spent much time in a desert's pretty much the opposite of Portland's. Made up of the subtle shades of sand, clay, rock and dust, contrasted by the brilliant blue sky that seems to go on forever.

Here are some photos from the trip...

The first day we wandered the old part of town, called Mesilla....

Little bits of the ole' west still remain in Mesilla...this historical building housed everything from Billy the Kid t-shirts, a coffee bar and every touristy trinket you can think of...

Here is the San Albino Church, built in 1906. We had lunch at this charming old restaurant called, Josefina's Cafe.

We had to check out the local market on Saturday morning!

One of the highlights of the trip was our journey into The White Sands National Park! Miles and miles of pure, white gypsum sand dunes.  Some of the scenes from Starwars were filmed here! I can see felt like being on a different planet!

The best part of the dunes was sliding down them! So much fun!!  The climb back up...not so much fun...

All in all it was a great trip. The desert was a new and beautiful experience. Seeing my family was a wonderful bonus too!

Next week, Grace and Ivy will be back in full swing! So check back Monday for some loveliness. Also check out my rather new blog, Curate and Love - featuring art and photography to adore!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Inspired by Sibella Court

Hi Friends! Hope you had a decent Monday. Ours was very rainy but a trip to the antique stores with a dear friend made it a perfect day! You may have seen on my other blog, that I posted a curated collection of images by Sibella Court. Well, her book - Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the things you love - arrived and I couldn't help but take pictures of it. It's so beautiful!!

{click on images to view larger}

Really, you must have this book. It's a treasure trove of inspiration. I promise.

Have a lovely Tuesday!