Share Your Voice Giveaway

Share your Voice Giveaway

Hello dear friends,

I hope this post finds you well.

On Jan. 4th we launched our subscription membership and if I told you I wasn’t scared, I’d be lying. Like really scared!

By doing this, I stepped into expansion. I stepped into vulnerability and I edged ever closer to my fear.

The night before, as I tossed and turned, I kept thinking about words from Rebecca Campbell‘s book, Light is the New Black -“Jump and let the universe catch you.”

Over and over I silently prayed. Catch me Universe! Please! Help me serve in the best way I can but help me because I’m scared!

The next day, (launch day) I pulled this card - Share Your Voice - and it confirmed the messages I’ve been getting. This is not the time for us to hide our gifts. This is not the time to hide in the shadows. It’s time to emerge from the cave and shake off our old skin, stop the old tapes that play over and over and keep us small and shaking.

If you are hiding, step a little closer to the edge. Step out of the darkness. As Rebecca mentions throughout her book - the world needs your light!! Let’s shine together!

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 5.19.11 PM.png

I want to deeply express my gratitude to all those who have supported my path and when I stretch a little further you meet me there with a warmth and love that can be felt across this crazy internet universe.

I feel it. I see you and I thank you. 

As an extension of my gratitude, I would like to give away three sets of these beautiful oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell. The artwork by Danielle Noel is absolutely stunning! You must go take a peek!

Good luck to you all now go WORK YOUR LIGHT!




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