Under The Trees

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Imagine stepping outside and looking around you. I mean, really looking around and taking in the vast beauty all the way down to minute details. There is so much inspiration that surrounds us in nature. The wonderful sounds and smells, tiny little flowers, interesting markings on fallen trees, the sweet butterfly that dances across the landscape... the possibilities are endless and it is all so soothing for the soul. 

Nature is a place where I can truly let go and get out of my mind, so this is where my inspiration for this class came from. It is a combination of all the things that I truly love: photography, creating art using encaustic wax and clay. We will take walks, take off our shoes and bask in all things nature!

I cannot wait to share my heart with all of you.



Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.
— William Wordsworth

Classroom Is Open!


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Who Is This Class For?

Are you a seeker for more in your creative practice? Perhaps you want to get out of your mind for a while and see where your own creative flow takes you.

This class is for everyone but really this class is for people who want to open up and step outside of the walls of their studios or art rooms to expand out. My fellow wanderers who ask the question, "What else is possible?". 

Are you someone who loves to be in nature and wants to bring the energy of the outside into your space?  Perhaps you don't spend a lot of time outside but want to start exploring all the vibrant treasures that the outdoors has to offer. 

Maybe you often get stuck in your head about the outcome and want a chance to let go of expectations.  Be free to explore with your camera and perhaps about the way you think about creativity. 

Creativity to me, is about following an impulse. That little nudge that happens so quickly that we often miss it.



Here's a description of our special lessons:


Lesson 1 :  Photos & Wax

I encourage you to explore where you live a little more. Maybe look around for a hidden path or a new trail you have been meaning to try or if you live in an urban area perhaps you can find a pocket of nature that you didn't know existed. Bring your camera (which could be your cell phone camera or any other camera) and start taking in all that is around you.

This lesson is really about opening up your senses and turning off your mind. I know this is difficult for many of us but I will share with you my ways of doing this and perhaps you will discover some ways that work well for you. Creative energy runs  through us. I have learned that when my mind gets involved, my creativity literally shuts right down. So, we will learn to stop and listen to our own impulses. 

I will be your guide in taking your own snapshots in nature! 


Next, you will be printing off a few of your favorite pictures, mounting them onto a wooden canvas or board and applying a thin layer of encaustic wax to give it either a dreamy, atmospheric effect.  We will be making a total of three of these stunning creations!

Then using mixed media we will add, texture, color and mood after the wax has gone on.  I'll show you how you can even add paint, pens or words to change the look of your photo before adding the wax.  Like I said, the possibilities are endless.  Your creativity can really shine and this is a fantastic way to display some of your own photography! 


Lesson 2 : Beautiful clay

I have really enjoyed pottery lately and making little pots to put things like air plants or rings in. For this project, we will be exploring air dry clay - a wondrous and versatile medium!

One of the pots we will create with our hands using the "pinch pot" method and the other pot we will roll out and embed something from nature into to create some gorgeous texture. Once we add paint it will totally bring it to life and you can treasure these for years to come! 

You will be hooked on making these! 



I will share some of my favorite recipes that I use in my home all the time. I used to be overwhelmed when I thought about making remedies because I was nervous about using the wrong ingredient or doing the wrong thing. So, I will share simple yet effective recipes with you so you can feel comfortable getting into the kitchen!

The recipes include:

  • Elderberry Syrup (Great for boosting the immune system during the winter months when colds and flus are going around. Super yummy and kids LOVE it.)

  • Fire Tonic (Super good for adults to boost the immune system during the winter months)

  • Nourishing Tonic (Really nourishing for the body...just like a multivitamin!)

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein

Classroom Is Open!


{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }

*** Limited Spots Available ***


What will you learn in this class?

  • How to find inspiration in the beauty of your natural surroundings and truly commune with nature.

  • How to explore and embrace the art of  photography.  I will walk you through how I take my photographs without knowing a lot about the technical side of your camera. If you are a beginner that is ok because this class is more about following your creative instincts rather than studying the functionality of your camera. PLUS you are always welcome to use your Phone camera too - easy peasy!

  • I will take you into nature and guide you through how I compose my pictures.  Sometimes just shifting your perspective of something can change the impact of the image drastically.

  • How to bring your favorite images to life using encaustic wax and mixed media!

  • How to create little sweet pots out of air dry clay and embed things found in nature to make one of a kind, rustic, hand built treasures. 

  • Learn about herbs and create healing herbal recipes that are simple but fun.  You will be able to incorporate them into your life with ease. 

Classroom Is Open!


{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }

*** Limited Spots Available ***




About Petra

Petra Hrziwnatzki believes that being artistic or creative is not a talent that only few possess.  She believes that it is an energy that flows through every one of us and can be nurtured once we get our mind out of it.  Being creative comes in many different forms and doesn't have to be perfect as long as you stay in alignment with your Self.  

She thrives in nature and has found that it can be truly healing and uplifting to spend as much time as possible among the trees, flowers, flowing water and fresh air.  It is where she has been able to open up the stream of creativity with total ease because the mind calms down eventually to almost a stillness.  

As a mama to four small children she has learned that making art in whatever way she can is a way to infuse joy into her hectic life and she loves sharing her heart with others in hopes to show them that art doesn't have to be difficult, in fact if it truly comes from within then there is nothing more beautiful.