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pencil sketches

The simple act of sketching is a beautiful and classic practice - one that can help us be more present and see more clearly. Most recently, this way of creating has brought me so much bliss. So....I had to create this class! 

Let me tell you more...

This class is dedicated to the practice of sensitive sketching. A sensitive drawing shows a complete connection and focus on the subject. No contour is generalized. No shape made plain. But rather, this way of working results in a delicate yet expressive representation of what we see and feel.

While we are in this state of pure observation we reach a place of serenity and stillness. (Something we all so desperately need more of in our lives.) When we stop and truly SEE - we can marvel at the beauty of form, line, shadow and light.

I hope you'll join me for this creative journey! 




Here's a little sneak peek at the classroom...

I have learned that, what I have not drawn, I’ve never really seen.
— Frederick Franck

Let me tell you more...

For this class, I will be sharing with you my philosophy about this practice as well as walking you through my favorite sketching tools and how to use them.  

You know I always have to have an academic element to my classes - so we will be looking through history and examining how past master artists achieved sensitivity in their drawings. In particular, I will be discussing Leonardo Da Vinci, Alphonse Mucha and Jean Auguste Domingue Ingres.

From left to right: Da Vinci, Mucha and Ingres.

From left to right: Da Vinci, Mucha and Ingres.

Then, we will move through two sketching projects...


Project One

We will be drawing a portrait from a reference image with a focus on how to achieve a sensitive and beautiful line. Plus, techniques on shading, mapping out your image, creating elegant contours, when to use line over mass and more!

figure drawing

Project Two

Our second project will be drawing from life. We will be setting up a simple still life, whether it be a beautiful feather or a flower from your garden. I'll show you how meditative and soothing it can be to sketch from something right in front of you! This practice is essential to SEEING which, of course, is essential to drawing and painting! 


Bonus I

As a sweet bonus, I'll be sketching one more figurative piece on toned sketchbook paper and adding in water soluble graphite and white pencil to create light, tone and atmosphere!



Bonus II

Yes….another bonus!! LOL! (I couldn’t resist.) I have recently fallen in love with brown craft paper sketches too! I love using white paint pens, graphite and charcoal to create sensitive and emotive portraits! I’ll be showing you just how to create one yourself! I think you’re going to be in love with this process.

To wrap up our journey, I will be showing how to create your very own travel sketching kit, with all the must-have components for drawing on the go! My favorite places to draw are in a cozy cafe or lovely garden! Getting out into your world and taking your practice into different environments offers a bevy of inspiration and delight!

I never look at my watch when I’m sketching.
— Karl Lagerfeld
sketched portrait


Who is this class for?

Anyone who wants to enhance their drawing skills and refine their sketching techniques. This is for artists who are seeking a meditative way to create, free of complicated supply lists or elaborate processes. This is a foundation class that will teach newer artists how to handle their pencils with grace and ease and help them come to understand how their own marks translate on the page. This is a wonderful class for self-taught or classically trained artists who wish to either learn some basic pencil skills or to reconnect with their past training. 




ONLY $67.00


In drawing, one must look for or suspect that there is more than is casually seen.
— George Bridgman

Here are some of the things I will cover within the class: 

My sensitive sketch of Kathe Kollwitz.

My sensitive sketch of Kathe Kollwitz.

  • Learn about what graphite tools I use and why

  • My favorite sketchbooks and paper

  • Getting inspired from the masters

  • Tips on shading and making strokes

  • Creating sensitive and beautiful contours

  • When to use mass over line

  • Seeing and mapping out relationships between our reference image and our drawing

  • When to let edges disappear

  • Creating mood and emotion in your line work

  • Using an eraser to your advantage

  • Meditative philosophies behind the act of sketching

  • Tips on staying present and finding peace while drawing

  • Creating movement and direction with your pencil strokes

  • Using water soluble graphite mediums

  • And more...

Sketching is a continued source of learning rather than a string of performances.
— Paul Laseau

2 minutes sketch with watercolor pencil done with non-dominant hand


*essential for class


ONLY $67.00


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