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Dear Creative You,

Welcome to Owlology.

I am beyond honored and excited to be here! I am so looking forward to art journeying with you!

Art and mixed media have been on my love palette for as long as I can remember. A little over five years ago, I began digging deeper into my creative process and making art full time. Wow, has there been a lot to learn (and so much more still). I happen to thoroughly enjoy the art learning process, I hope you will too!

In this course, we will work with the owl to explore a number of mixed media techniques. The owl has been one of many favorite subjects for me. The lines of the owl vary so greatly and they lend themselves SO well to some personality in art making. And their eyes, swoon! I am also blessed to have both a screech owl and a great horned owl regularly show up on my property.

This course is for ALL levels.

See You in Class!

Much Love,



Classroom Is Open!

Only $57.00



What You’ll Learn In this Class:


Project 1 : Warming Up to the Owl

Let’s meet the Owl! In this first lesson we will explore various exercises to achieve a quick, expressive sketch. We will be using the simple combination of black and white to begin and will splash and play with water color owls and water soluble pencils and pens. Delightful and so much fun!


Project 2 - Ink Blot Mixed Media Owls

In this exciting project, I’ll show you how to make unique mono prints using deli paper and water color paper!

Using these mono prints as a starting point we will then be creating a painted mixed media owl character - full of personality and whimsy! Everyones will look so different! I can’t wait to see what magical owl you create!


Project 3 - Owl Party on Water Color Paper (framable Mixed Media painting)

Time for a Party! Let’s gather together the techniques we’ve learned and grab a few of our owl friends to create a vivid and fabulous mixed media painting!

I’ll show you some new tricks and techniques along the way and we will explore the importance of story and setting! The end result - a magical, playful “Owl Party” piece ready to hang in your home or gift to a friend!


BONUs RESources

Downloadable PDF lesson instructions, Owl Images to use in this class


Classroom Is Open!

Only $57.00


Here are some more examples of Barb’s beautiful work…



What will you learn in this class?

  • How to warm up and start gathering concepts for a piece

  • Observing shapes and designing a composition

  • Using water soluble pencils and pens for shading

  • Creating Mono prints with ink and deli paper

  • Applying Deli paper collage

  • Techniques to keep your lines loose

  • Mixed media acrylic painting techniques

  • Tips to get over ‘blank canvas fear’

  • Expressive mark making

  • Utilizing many different media in a layering processes

  • and MORE!


Classroom Is Open!

Only $57.00

Classroom Opens May 9th





About Barb Nicholson

Barb Nicholson has been making art since she colored her newly painted bedroom wall with Crayola Crayons in 1970. Her parents were not impressed.

She graduated from Western Michigan University with a Major in Finance and Minor in Economics. She did try an art class when at University, but found it too constrictive.

During a successful career in Residential Real Estate Sales, she joined her husband to form a Real Estate Development and Property Management Company. She has three sons, two daughters in-law, two grandsons and a plethora of four legged friends. Upon becoming an empty nester, Barb delved wholeheartedly back into her love of art making. She has been a full time artist ever since.

Her art has been published on the OWN network, the Brene Brown Gifts of Imperfection e-course, in Somerset Studio and various newspapers. Her original art is in private and corporate collections in the US and Canada. She is the creator of The Art Journal Box. She is a published author in both Mom and Dadpreneurs and a number of Faith Writer anthologies.

Barb hopes you will give yourself permission to make some ugly art, letting go of worry and becoming immersed in the process. She also imagines a world where everyone owns beautiful and inspiring art displayed in their sacred living spaces.