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What is Studioworks Creative Academy?

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Hello creative friends!

I am so honored to be here to share my love of modern calligraphy with you. I fell in love with calligraphy in 2013. What I love most about modern calligraphy is the idea of using tools from an old art form in a creative and expressive way. It slows me down and requires me to be present in the moment. I love the sound of the metal nib gently scratching across the paper --- it truly is therapeutic.

As an artist, I also love all the different art mediums that can be used with the metal nib --- inks, watercolor, gouache, mica paints and drawing gum just to name a few.  In this class I will teach you the basics of pointed pen calligraphy then we will explore a variety of nibs, art mediums and papers! There are two projects at the end of class to create with your newly-found skill!  I hope you’ll join me!



Classroom Now Open!

Only $57.00

{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }

Here’s a little peak of what you will learn in this class.

Lesson 1 - the basics

Paper, pen and ink is all you’ll need to get started.  In this first lesson, we will review the basic supplies you will need to get started. 

You will learn:

  • How to properly install the nib into the pen holder

  • About the anatomy of the nib and how it works

  • The proper way to care for and hold the pointed pen


Lesson 2 - the strokes

Letter forms are created by using a series of strokes.  In this lesson, we will begin to learn the foundational strokes needed to create letters. A foundational strokes practice sheet will be provided as a download form.

You will learn:

  • The foundational strokes used to create letter forms

  • Warm-up exercises to get you in the flow of writing

Degas, Dancer putting on her slipper 1896

Lesson 3 - The letter

Now that we know our strokes, it’s time to begin creating letter forms.  In this lesson, we will learn how to create letters using a letter exemplar.  A letter exemplar and individual letter practice sheets will be provided as download forms.

You will learn:

  • The anatomy of a letter

  • How to use guidelines

  • How to create uppercase and lowercase alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks


Lesson 4 - the word

Next, we will begin linking letters together to create words.

You will learn about:

  • Letter angles

  • Spacing and rhythm

  • Developing your own style

  • A practice sheet will be provided as a download

Degas, Ballerina on Point 1879

Lesson 5 - We explore

In this lesson, we will explore a variety of mediums and papers.

We will explore:

  • Different types of pen holders

  • Different types of nibs and the type of marks they make

  • Different types of Inks

  • Specialty products:

    • A variety of papers

    • How to use gouache and watercolor.

Classroom Projects


Project 1 - monogram stationary

In this project, I will guide you to create your own monogram stationery.  I love everything artisan so I like creating my own personal monogram stationery on handmade paper but you can use any type of paper you like.  This is a simple project that also makes a lovely gift for friends and family. If you are interested in handmade paper stationery products, I will provide vendors on the supply list. 


Project 2 - Words, Words, Words

Every new year, I create a special piece of art containing my words to focus on for the year.  I frame the piece and place it on my desk. It’s a pretty, yet simple daily reminder. Since we are halfway through the year, you can use any collection of words to create this piece of art. I will guide you to artistically nest words together using Finetec gold paints on cardstock paper.  You can use any medium of choice.


*** Bonus Lesson ***

A surprise journaling project using watercolor and various other mediums and placing a favorite phrase into your work with your new modern calligraphy skills. 


Classroom Now Open!

Only $57.00

{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }


Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone who is interested in learning modern calligraphy.  No previous experience is required.  This class is also for those who have taken a previous course in calligraphy but would like to explore developing their own style or for the calligrapher who interested in using art mediums beyond inks or who wants a better understanding of paper and it’s sizing.

A little about the artist

Kathy Glynn is a calligrapher and artist residing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is a mixed-media artist who loves to explore various mediums and techniques. Best known for her abstract art in watercolor and acrylics, her art prints are sold nationally in West Elm, and online at Domino Magazine (Domino.com), and Minted.com. Her calligraphy has been featured on popular wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty and 100 Layer Cake.  She teaches calligraphy locally and works with a small number of brides each season to create custom wedding invitation suites. By day, Kathy works in the publishing industry as a marketing manager for a specialty book distributor. Kathy shares her creative musings on social media as Artsy Canvas Girl.

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Classroom Now Open!

Only $57.00

{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }


Recommended Beginner Supplies:



*Easily found at your local Michael’s store.

A complete list of all the exploratory art mediums and papers will be provided during class.