Ladies With Character

ONLY $57.00


Hello my wonderful creatives!

I have become completely hooked on inventing characters and watching them come alive on canvas.

In this class, we'll explore painting characters that are unique to you, where quirky noses, unique hair and enormous handbags are welcome. :) Be open for anything!

Let's have some fun and express it through some irresistibly sassy ladies... if you don’t know how to draw a face, don’t worry, we will practice together! This class is for ALL levels.

I hope you'll join us! This promises to be a whimsical class full of discovery and exciting techniques!



“Creativity is intelligence having fun”
— -Albert Einstein


ONLY $57.00

{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }

Here's a description of each of our special projects:

Lesson 1 - Various exercises to get familiarized with drawing faces

  • How to place light on a face

  • Get inspired and creative with hair

  • Creating Different brush strokes


Lesson 2 - Painting Intuitive ladies

I'll guide you through my process of how to energize the canvas with spontaneity and then move to a more observant and intuitive state. We will examine where our ladies are leading us! ;) 

As you witness my process of my painting I will be giving you guidance for your own project.



Lesson 3 - Ladies with a plan

In this lesson we will be more intentional with our choice of theme and we will plan this piece out in our sketchbooks through a process of brainstorming and thumbnail sketches.

We will draw from the techniques and experiences we had in our first painting but this time with a bit more direction.


Bonus lesson - Accessorize the ladies

In this super fun bonus lesson, I will show you how I love to add whimsical 3D accessories to my ladies! This is where your imagination can really fly. I'll be adding adorable glasses to my girls but you could add any bit of pizazz your ladies might enjoy!



ONLY $57.00

{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }

Creativity is the fun of putting together unexpected ideas
— Hazel Edwards

What will you learn in this class?

  • The proportion of a face

  • How to find inspiration to draw faces and original hair-do’s

  • How to prepare a canvas with texture

  • Use the background as shades and outlines

  • Use different brush strokes

  • How to create unique faces

  • Make paintings that tell stories

  • Attach objects to a canvas


Who is this class for?

For anyone!

If you are not yet familiar how to draw faces, this is the occasion to start.

We are all on a learning journey and no one was born an expert.

The class is also for more experienced students that would like to work on finding a more personal signature.

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness
— Anni Albers


ONLY $57.00

{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }


  • Paper

  • Crayons

  • A light color crayon, dry pastel or oil pastel

  • A sheet of dark color paper (you can also paint a white paper with a dark color)

  • Some paper like: newspaper, paper wrap etc.

  • Gesso (can be replaced by acrylic paint)

  • Acrylic paint (or any other paint you have)

  • Brushes

  • 2 canvases (can be replaced by paper)

  • sand or marble dust