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Hello there my creative friends! I’m so excited to bring you this class! Over the past several months, I’ve been studying the art from Picasso’s Blue Period.

Why? Well, let me tell you...

Exploring emotional subjects, pushing color and expression, stretching drawing and painting skills - ALL of it has been life changing and so inspiring. I’m feeling bolder and more true - excited to break rules and delve deeper! It is full of incredibly moving pieces that express emotion and connect to deepest parts of us.

I believe so much can be gained from working in a limited palette. Not only does this put helpful parameters on the array of color choices but it allows the artist to explore value, composition and color relationships in a very focused way.

I think studying a body of work from a past artist can help us understand a better way for us to create our own body of work - building a connection between the pieces of art we create and our own story.

I would invite you to join me in this study and gather with us in the classroom.

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.
— Pablo Picasso


Here's a little Video about Why I made this class...


Classroom Is Open!

ONLY $87.00


Let me walk you through our journey...



As always, I like to include some academia in my classes. It is vital to study the artists that have come before us. This slideshow and lecture will discuss many of the pieces in Picasso’s blue period.



I will also include an in depth study of one of Picasso’s most famous pieces from this time period - “ The Old Guitarist.” We will begin to understand the way Picasso composed this artwork and how he achieves success by employing the powerful principles of composition.





These short warm up videos will show me sketching from difference references. I will be creating these sketches in blue, with washes of ink and other mixed media. I work from mostly historical images depicting poverty in Victorian England and imagery from a fishing village in Whitbey, England.



If you have always been scared of Oil Painting get ready to shake that fear and fall in love. I will walk you through the very basic and SAFE way that I use Oil Paints. They are absolutely dreamy, I promise! *** This class can be completed using acrylic paint too!





I will show you just how many beautiful blues, greens and other hues we can get by mixing primary colors only! Blues come in a amazing myriad of gorgeous shades! We will explore as many as we can, plus we will also experiment with blue’s complementary color - orange. Just as Picasso did!



Following this work, we will move through three Painting* projects...

*(all paintings in this class will be done using oils but acrylics may be used instead)

A close up of my study of Picasso's  Sleeping Drunk .

A close up of my study of Picasso's Sleeping Drunk.


We will choose a piece from Picasso’s blue period and do a small study painting, putting into practice all that color mixing! By copying one of his pieces, we will better understand how he uses color, form, value and composition.


My blue portrait done in oils.

My blue portrait done in oils.


For this next painting, we will create a monochromatic portrait. I will have beautiful, vintage images for you to use as your reference. Picasso often depicted the poor, the blind - the social outcasts of society during this time and we will do the same. Using an emotional reference will help us create a more emotional and expressive portrait.

Study for Beyond Blue painting.


For our last painting, we will draw inspiration from the other scenes Picasso created where he incorporated other hues. We will create an figurative scene in a full range of blues, greens and touches of orange and red. Again, I will have wonderful historical images for your to work from. We will create an underpainting and move into evolving the layers to complete the piece.




You know I couldn’t resist adding a bonus! Right? Lol! I do love spoiling you guys…;)

We'll create an abstracted face in a Picasso/Ivy style! I really enjoyed simplifying the shapes and creating rhythm in the shapes and lines. This is a fun and relaxing project that helps us see shadow, light and structure in a whole new way.


Classroom Is Open!

ONLY $87.00


Blue sketching from historical images.

Blue sketching from historical images.


Who is this class for?

Artists of all levels who wish to explore the art of Pablo Picasso while improving their painting, composition and color skills. As well as any artist who would like to further explore or begin a study of oil painting techniques. Artists who wish to infuse more emotion and expressiveness into their work will greatly benefit from this class.



I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.
— Pablo Picasso

My sensitive sketch of Kathe Kollwitz.

Here are some of the things I will cover within the class: 

  • Learn more about Picasso and his Blue Period

  • Compositional tips and tricks

  • Getting inspired from the masters

  • Creating thumbnail sketches and planning out a painting

  • Creating fluid sketches in blue

  • Into to oil painting including how to use mediums

  • Mixing paint from the primary colors

  • How to do a study of one of Picasso's works

  • Using your brushes in different ways

  • Creating an emotional portrait using historical imagery

  • Creating a figurative piece using historical imagery

  • And more...

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.
— Pablo Picasso


Study of Beggar woman done in mixed media

Study of Beggar woman done in mixed media

  • Primary Paint Colors plus black and white (I use oil Paints for this class but you are welcome to use acrylic paints) The paints I use for these are Gamblin Oil Colors - Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone Red and Phthalo Blue, Mars Black and Titanium White. I also recommend you having a Raw Umber and Burnt Sienna. Some other blues I recommend but don't require for the class are : Prussian Blue and Phthalo Turquoise.

  • Paneled wood boards or canvas - I use wood boards in this class ranging from 8" x 10" to 11" x 14". Use sizes you are comfortable with.

  • Oil Medium used : Gamblin Galkyd

  • Oil Solvent Used: Gamblin Gamsol

  • Paint palette - I recommend a glass palette

  • Paint scraper to clean palette

  • Small glass jars for medium (if you choose to paint in oils)

  • Various size brushes (I recommend a seperate set from your acrylics if you choose to paint in oils)

  • Rags/paper towels

  • Sketch book for studies and planning out paintings (any one will do)

  • Blue watercolor pencils and/or Marks All Pencil in Blue and/or Inktense Pencil in blues

  • Acrylic ink in Payne's Grey

  • Mixed media paper or watercolor paper for Blue Sketch studies (any kind will do)


Classroom Is Open!

ONLY $87.00


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