Held Captive

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I have been truly captivated and deeply moved by the tender connection and love that has found it's way onto my canvases and sculptures the past few years. Unique creations, imaginative stories and expressive portraits - themes I can’t seem to get enough of! Now I'm excited to share my creative discoveries with you!

From the emotional portraits or the gentle Soul Bearers... it is the emotion that has {HELD} me captive and that I'm wanting to share.

I hope you will join me me on this journey as we create and find our tender pieces together, through the imagery and stories buried within us and help them find their way onto our canvases.

Much love,  Jeanne-Marie


Love is the whole thing, We are only pieces.
— Rumi


Only $67.00

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Who Is This Class For?

I want to focus on painting and sharing my creative process intuitively as well as how I work with references. How I learned to understand the face, things I've tried and failed with and how my passion for the emotion emerged over the understanding.  After painting 1-Face-A-Day for 2 years running, I realized it wasn't the face I was trying to capture, it was the soul I was after and the story behind each new person that showed up on my canvas.

I would like to share how I'm inspired and how I do research which will lead me back to my canvas.

I want to focus on finding the love, emotion and tenderness in each piece.



Here's a description of our special lessons:


Part 1 :  Tender emotions


In Part 1, I'll share with you how to express and capture tender emotions in your creative process. To verbalize how I managed to get to this place was challenging. I had to unpack it for myself so I could share that with you. It was deep thinking work and I hope I can do it justice for you.

I do know like with all things, I had to do the introspection work along with the creative work to allow them to walk alongside each other until eventually these two elements came together on my canvas, in my clay and my creative process.

I love that they still continue to journey together and I hope that this will never cease for me, that I will continue to go deeper, be even more vulnerable and take larger steps of courage everyday.

This is my hope for you too.



I love the notion of making my own canvases by hand. I know it's a little romantic but I love working on something that I've made from scratch. It's a beautiful feeling and I love the process.

If you are anything like me, I also love supplies. We are going to go back to basics like the humble pencil, playing with dry mediums and paint of course. Working on and with different substrates and thinking about different ways of creating.


Lesson 2 : Drawing

It's something I've seen in my own creative journey and it's one I highly recommend.  There is a certain kind of discipline that comes with the good and the bad of what we produce daily. Not only do we learn how to let go but we learn the skill of perseverance. It is training. Hours in the seat is the best way to track progress.

With daily practice comes confidence, the courage to take risks, to dig a little deeper and to push a little harder.

It brings a knowing of one's skills and a knowing of one's tools.

It's truly how we grow...


There is beauty in simplicity

Lesson 3 : Learning from the greats

I've come across two artists who I believe have studied emotion and whose work have totally captivated me. I want to look deep into their work and perhaps their minds.  It is work that I don't always find "pretty" but I recognize that they have captured deep emotion that has left me a little changed, a little uncomfortable but always deeply moved.

I believe we must look to the Masters to learn and to keep learning. Sometimes searching and researching can hold me captive for days on end and my library is growing.  


Lesson 4 : portraiture

For the longest time I believed it was the face that {Held} me captive but the more I walk this journey of painting faces, the more I realise it is more about finding the emotion in each face and capturing it.

It is the emotion that that keeps me coming back for more. I am intrigued as to how emotion can come out of my brush and get mingled in with my paint and trapped on my canvas. Trapping this emotion helps me find the story in each piece. I am captivated by this moment and this intention and I want to know more about what that emotion is inside of me.

I do completely believe we all have the ability to tap into our own wells of emotion and bring it out onto our canvases. I know this is not just true for me as there has been a measure of healing for a lot of people in this process. When you allow yourself to paint through your pain, joy and emotions, you start to recognize and come to know those familiar feelings that were perhaps trapped deep inside.



Bonus Lesson

This section will be about sharing odds and ends with you, things that have helped me, like little secrets and little things I do. Some of the videos will be of me chatting quietly and sharing my thoughts while I paint and others will just be with music.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein


Only $67.00

{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }

*** Limited Spots Available ***


What will you learn in this class?

  • Discovering discipline and growth from your drawing practice

  • Learning to be inspired by Master artists

  • Finding emotional tenderness in a single portraits

  • Learning to work from small to BIG.

  • Several mixed media drawing and painting techniques

  • How to create portraits intuitively from reference

  • Understanding different substrates and problem solving with canvas

  • Testing papers based substrates

  • DIY Substrates - paperclay canvases and plaster boards

  • Understanding and choosing brushes


Only $67.00

{ Lifetime Access & Downloadable Videos }

*** Limited Spots Available ***



  • Plaster Bandages and cardboard

  • Various substrates of your choice - watercolor paper/canvas



Your favourite Acrylic Paints - What I'll be mostly using..




About Jeanne-Marie

Jeanne-Marie is a Cape Town based Artist. Born in Zimbabwe and now living in Cape Town with her husband and two teenage daughters. Jeanne-Marie has lived all over South Africa throughout her childhood and lived in the UK as a young adult for a short while where she started her working career in the Film Industry at the BBC, Drama.

Jeanne-Marie returned to Cape Town, South Africa in 1996 to get married and start her family and continue her career as a Freelancer in the Film Industry. Always being creative by nature and always dabbling in the arts, it was something she knew she wanted to pursue on a full time basis. In 2010 she made that a reality. She has been actively and daily working creatively ever since. A lover of film photography, painting and sculpture.

In 2017 Jeanne-Marie held her first Creative Portraiture on Recycled TeaBags, Solo Exhibition in Woodstock, Cape Town which was later published in Slow and Premier Magazine and Elle Decorate for her work. She has been selling her art worldwide for the past 6 years and in 2016 started teaching online. 

I have been on a learning journey and it’s been a delightful surprise in my life, one I’m embracing everyday. Thank you for being on this journey with me and allowing me to share this special part of my life with you.

Jeanne-Marie continues to juggle her time between her art, teaching online and the film industry and the demands of two very active teenager girls.