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This beautiful lesson explores a wide range of techniques from plaster application, watercolor painting, stenciling with plaster and layering encaustic wax PLUS MORE! This whimsical and ethereal portrait is a pure delight to create and is open to your interpretation. I know you are going to fall in love with this blend of materials!

Not sure about drawing? No worries you can trace an image onto the plaster or even collage! 

Working with plaster and wax may seem intimidating but as your guide I show you just how fun it is!

*Originally filmed for my full online class, Poetic Plaster & Wax, I am delighted to share this full lesson with you, now on it's own!

I hope you will join me!

There are always flowers, for those that want to see them.
— Henri Matisse

Shadow & light portrait on linen canvas
Portrait done in charcoal, graphite and acrylic paint
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Let me tell you more...

For this lesson, I will be guiding you through my entire process of creating this plaster & wax portrait! We begin with plastering our board and sketching out our portrait.

Once we have our basic sketch established, we will stencil beautiful foliage around our figure using plaster. This will create gorgeous 3D texture and a floral crown!

Then, using lovely washes of water color we will paint our beautiful muse.

When we are done with our painting we will coat it in layers of luminous encaustic wax for a truly stunning effect! I will then guide your through adding color and final embellishments to the wax layer.

Plus, since this was for my Poetic Plaster & Wax class, I will show you how to write your own poem and add it to your painting if you like!

You will delight in the making of this glowing portrait and will learn wonderful new skills and techniques so that you can incorporate these into your own future projects!

So come join me for this lesson!


ONLY $27.00

Here are some of the things I will cover within the class: 

A special bonus portrait included!
  • Sketching out your design

  • Plaster application

  • Using stencils with plaster

  • Painting with watercolors and acrylic on plaster

  • layering encaustic wax

  • using pan pastes and wax

  • Adding fine details to activate the piece

  • Exploring many mixed media techniques and tools

  • And more...

I must have flowers, always and always.
— Claude Monet

2 minutes sketch with watercolor pencil done with non-dominant hand


Please don't feel you have to buy everything on the list...use what you have. :) 

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ONLY $27.00