Early to Bed

Sleep - it's something that I don't give enough attention to these days. My husband and I have gotten into the very bad habit of staying up past 1 am, working away on our computers...

We are tired. Exhausted.

So tonight, I am determined to go to sleep early. Like 9:30 early.

While on my usual evening peruse of Flickr tonight, I was inevitably drawn to this lovely photostream by Yvette Inufio. Her works is sublimely feminine, soft, light filled and so soothing to my weary eyes.

These beautiful images are sure to lull me to sleep - 8 to 10 hours of it, if I'm lucky.

Sweet dreams.



Cherished Chamomile

A simple daisy? I think not! This little white flower may look simple but it was highly cherished by many cultures and is still used extensively today.

The Anglo-Saxons regarded German Chamomile as one of the nine sacred herbs given to the world by the god Woden and the Egyptians dedicated this herb to the sun and worshiped it above all other herbs for it healing powers. Hieroglyphic records also show that chamomile was used cosmetically for at least 2,000 years. Egyptian noblewoman used preparations of crushed petals on their skin.

The precious essential oil extracted from the flowers is sapphire blue and very expensive.  This oil is prized for its anti-inflammatory, soothing and relaxing properties.

For these reasons Grace & Ivy uses German Chamomile essential oil and its organic extract in many of our skin care products.

It also makes a lovely tea that can help you relax and sleep.