seven planet

Supplier Saturday @ Seven Planet

I was lucky enough to be the featured Supplier at Seven Planet this weekend.

It was a glorious day in Portland...sunny AND irresistible combination to the sun-starved Oregonians. People were out in droves, wearing their flip-flops and shades.

I took up residence behind the "Tea Bar" in the light filled space that is Seven Planet's home.

Grace and Ivy products lined the bar and I got to wear my Grace & Ivy apron that my husband bought me for Christmas.

Anxiously, I waited for customers to enter the store, eager to give away the goody bags I had  filled with samples of our products.

People trickled into the store, sun drunk and smiling. I got to meet some wonderful people, scrub their hands with our brown sugar scrub and share information about the products. All in all it was a great day and a great experience.

Thank you to Seven Planet for opening your doors to Grace & Ivy and thank you to everyone who stopped by and showed their support.

It meant so much to me.



There's no place like home...

I'm back home and spring has come early. Flowers are blooming everywhere and I am feeling peaceful and grateful to be back in my little cottage.

I went out, bought fresh flowers and then, starting at my front door, took pictures around my house and garden to celebrate.

Grace missed her Dad so much. She keeps running up to him, throwing her little arms around his neck and proclaiming, "I love you so much Daddy!" It's pretty darn cute.

This month is going to be exciting for Grace and Ivy. I will be guest blogging on the fabulous blog, Haute Apple Pie. Can't wait to do that and we are also going to be a featured supplier at Seven Planet's Supplier Saturdays on March 20th, 2-6pm. So if you are local, come on down and get a free swag bag full of samples.

I love Portland in the Spring and with fresh opportunities all around, I can't help but feel like a very lucky girl.

Vacations are lovely but it's always good to come home...

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.



Oregon coast road trip... that the week has settled down and Seven Planet's shelves are stocked with Grace and Ivy products, I can finally relax a bit and share some pics from my recent trip to the Oregon coast with friends. I was taking photos like a mad woman!  My poor friends had to put up with me constantly snapping shots like some wanna-be paparazzi photographer. I am a complete amateur with a camera so bear with me. We hit two lovely vineyards on the way to the coast: The Four Graces and Domaine Serene. The sun was shining and we were completely blissed out.

Ahh...a perfect afternoon in Oregon's wine country.

Next stop. The beach! Nye Beach to be exact.

We rented a fabulous condo right in the heart of town. Our first day at the coast was typical - drizzle, cold and misty, but the second day was a true gift! Sunny, warm and relatively still.

We walked on the beach for a couple of hours and let the sun warm our backs. It felt so delicious.

After our walk on the beach I had to walk by the ultra charming Sylvia Beach Hotel. Famous for its author themed rooms, like the somber Edgar Allen Poe room and the whimsical Dr. Suess room. Writers from all over are reported to visit this hotel to be inspired by the greats...although the breathtaking ocean views don't hurt either.

I'll post more about our adventures tomorrow...including our mission to acquire fresh Dungeness crab and my friend's recipe for an amazing crab dinner...

Have a happy Thursday.



Grace & Ivy on TV

Got up with the birds this morning and headed over to Seven Planet where the Good Day Oregon crew were set up to shoot promotional scenes for several of Seven Planet's suppliers, Grace & Ivy being one of them.

Nervous and lacking coffee I was immediately set up with a mic. Yikes! Lucky for me, Andy Carson, Channel 12's much loved weather man, was super sweet, funny and charming which helped ease my jitters.

Before I knew it, the camera was rolling and I was on live TV!  Andy led the very short spot smoothly and I did okay...I think. Anyway, at the end of it all Grace and Ivy got two spots and the camera gave our brand lots of coverage so I'm thrilled!  I'll follow up with a link when I get one. Stay tuned!

Oh, and for all my local readers go here where you can get a $25.00 gift certificate to Seven Planet for only $12.50. Go green for Valentine's day and check them out.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!



Seven Planet will sell Grace & Ivy product line

Big news for Grace & Ivy!

The wonderfully green retailer, Seven Planet is going to be carrying our line of products in their Portland store! Here's how they sum up their story:

seven planet™ is the world’s first chain of green general stores. It is the foremost green and sustainable marketplace for consumer-based products sold within both virtual and traditional storefronts.

I spent the morning talking with them and we should have our stuff on their shelves by next week. They will also be selling Grace & Ivy via their online store.

Seven Planet has some great events coming up...check it

This is not your average eco-corner store!

Enjoy these shots of their ultra organic space in NW Portland.

Some of their amazing suppliers include, Preserve - home products,  Naturally Knotty- a fabulous eco apparel line, Missionary Chocolates - yummy organic and vegan plus many other fantastic environmentally conscious companies. Go check it out!

Portland may be gray most of the year but we really get this whole GREEN thing. Gotta love that!