sara teasdale

In love with Swallows

Since swallows are featured in my logo I thought I'd do a post dedicated to them. They are symbols of good fortune, loyalty and freedom.

1. Malleni 2. Sauriamami 3. Heliiheartbreaker

Found this beautiful little poem...

I love my hour of wind and light, I love men's faces and their eyes, I love my spirit's veering flight Like swallows under evening skies.

- Sara Teasdale



Mosaic Images:1. Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica), 2. Barn Swallow Takeoff Reifel Bird Sanctuary BC 30Jul2009, 3. swallows on wood shadows ldr, 4. Baby Swallows, 5. Tree Swallow/Tachycineta bicolor, 6. Tree Swallow Paradise, 7. 2 birds in a tree, 8. Baby Tree Swallow, 9. Baby Barn Swallows, 10. Barn Swallow in winter, 11. Tree swallow, 12. Barn Swallow, 13. Tree Swallows on Goose Lake Prairie