Inspiration board

I created this inspiration board for my BYW class and I had to share it with you. It was such a fabulous creative exercise - playing with all the pretty pictures, postcards and shiny baubles I've been collecting. This is supposed to reflect my aesthetic and sense of style. I feel like it is pretty accurate, at least for now... See it larger here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Father's Day unexpected gift

On Father's Day, our fabulous neighbor invited my husband, my father-in-law and my daughter to go on a father/daughter fishing trip SO I got the morning all to myself! I guess that makes up for my Mother's Day spent moving into our house! It was a delicious treat and I got straight to work on some more decoupage projects. Bear with me...I know I'm obsessed but it makes me happy so I'm going with it.

I wanted to make another adorned bottle but this time with more earthy colors...

I used a larger bottle this time.

Figured out my elements.

And voila! Another pretty bottle. Such fun.

My second project was a thrift store find. I got this mirror for 99 cents. It's pretty cool as is, but it doesn't go with my palette so I re-vamped it.

I wanted to do a shabby chic feel...soft and feminine. The vintage floral works well with the silver frame.

This was easy and really rewarding.

Okay, well I'm sure you will be seeing more projects in the future. While Grace was in school this morning, I was roving the antique stores and found some really sweet treasures!

Look around your house...I bet there is something that is just begging for a little decoupage love. If not, hit your closest thrift store and you surely find some suffering tray or mirror that desperately needs your help!



Decoupage Tray Project

So, I mentioned in the last post that my creative energy has been a little "all of the place" say the least. I am happy to announce that I managed to find some productivity amongst the restlessness and assigned myself a little decoupage project. It's not completely finished but I wanted to share the process because- a. it was super easy


b. it was very therapeutic and satisfying (for me at least).

I had this old tray that I've had for years. It needed a little love and its style no longer really worked for me...

With all my lovely vintage papers spread on the floor I got to work figuring out a layout. I adore the look of these old documents full of beautiful script.

Once I had cut some border pieces and glued them down with a good dose of Mod Podge glue, I brushed more glue all over the center to place the main piece of paper.

When it comes to art I don't mind getting messy, so I went ahead and smoothed out the glue and paper with my fingers. (This is the tactile therapeutic part!)

I let this all dry overnight. Then, using lovely Peony napkins I scored at New Seasons, I separated the paper layers down to 1-ply, cut out the desired blooms and arranged them. Then very gently brushed more Mod-Podge over the paper. Using napkins at 1-ply lends a beautiful transparency to the image.

And voila, a new tray with the vintage, romantic look I love so much!

The little gold dragonfly was a last minute addition. He arrived in the form of a thank you card and now lives amongst my peony & vintage letter collage.

So, if you have a tray that needs some love, I encourage you to give this a go! This art form is a great way to reface everything from a plate to a dresser. Paper sources can come from magazines, old cards, catalogs, napkins, even fabric scraps! For more decoupage info check out this site.

Hope you are having a lovely week so far.