Photography to Adore : Aleksandra88

I am often drawn to photography that invites you into a magical realm, a far away place...a fairytale. While pursuing the wonderful artists on DeviantART, I came across Aleksandra's work.  Grace got one look at these and said..."Oh...look! Princess photos!" I have to agree.

Enjoy some of my favorites from her extensive portfolio...

I adore the tones in this one and the turkeys - so random. I love it!

Her work expresses such emotion and sense of place. Those dresses don't hurt either!

How amazing are the soft shades of blue, lilac and pink? And the delicate pose and dress of the model! Dreamy.

I hope you enjoyed these. To look at more of her stunning work see her portfolio here.

We are waiting for snow to fall here. Fingers crossed. I doubt it will happen...

oh well.


Forest Light: My Self-Portrait Assignment

Ever since I started showing an interest in photography, my dear hubby promised to rummage through our storage and pull out the old tripod he has from college. I tried not to bug him...but from time to time I would gently mention it. Last night he emerged from his office. A garbage bag in one hand and the tripod in the other. He had spent the evening cleaning out the closets. Good lad. He handed it to me with a broad grin and said, "Go take some pictures!"

So today, when the beautiful fall light was streaming through the forest that backs our house, I did just that.

Bear with me...I'm new at this and since I had no one around to photograph, I thought a self-portrait was a fair assignment.

{click on images to view larger}

I showed these to Grace and she said, "Oh Mommy the light is so beautiful!" I love that kid! Then she asked me if  I was playing hide and seek in the last one. "Are you counting to ten?" she asked. Now, whenever I look at that one I crack up, because she's right! ha!

I hope to take more photos this weekend. Of course, I'm not expecting sunshine...oh well.

Have a relaxing weekend!