Teatime + blogland

I'm a ritualistic creature by nature.

It's comforting to do something the same way each day...even if it's a small making my cup of tea in the evening. Same cup, same lovely golden honey, same pot. Brewed 5 minutes, exactly. Warm, comforting chamomile tea - Perfect for perusing blogland.

I gotta say, I am consistently overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of this new world. The volume of talent and the endless inspiration. With a hot cuppa tea, I nourish my creative self and thank all those amazing bloggers out there who bring me such joy each evening.




p.s. If you want to buy REALLY good tea and you drink it a lot you must check out Mountain Rose Herbs. They are wonderful and have the most amazing organic teas at outstanding prices. Go check it out.

Images via Flickr: 1. "Life is the flower for which love is the honey.", 2. Day 357/365: Tea!, 3. care for some tea?, 4. Afternoon Tea, 5. beau-tea-ful, 6. Hearty cup of tea

I'm a ritualistic creature by nature.