art wolfe

Mama bear love

Okay so I know this is random...but here goes.

I came in from running errands with my little girl. I was rather exhausted and plopped myself onto the sofa while she ran off to her room to play with her new Disney fairy.

I sighed and flicked on the TV. It happened to be on OPB and I suddenly realized why my husband insisted on getting a HDTV.

I felt my jaw drop at the sheer beauty of the scene before me:

A huge mama grizzly bear cuddling and playing with her cub in emerald fields of grass. Indigo mountains and an endless sky set the backdrop to this precious moment. The location: Alaska, Katmai Coast.

I sat transfixed for half an hour, mesmerized by these beautiful creatures. When the show finally ended I looked beside me to find my 3-year-old quietly sitting next to me. I think we shared the same expression on our faces: amazement. We sat there for a minute. Grace broke the silence,

"I love those bears, mama."

Ridiculously sensitive as I am...I felt my eyes well with tears.

"Me too, baby."

The genius behind these images is photographer, Art Wolfe.  If you are an animal/nature lover you must go check out his wildlife portfolio. Watch the episode online here.