A Self-Portrait Collage

A Little Sneak Peek…


Hello my wonderful creatives!

I just completed this self portrait collage and I absolutely loved the process.

Working with your own image can be kinda uncomfortable but I think that’s the point. Right? Who said art making was comfortable?! Lol.

Working with collage always reminds me how relaxing it is to rifle through papers and find connection in the broken pieces.

Much like a painted self portrait, a collaged one brought me insight into my thoughts and meaning to the marks, shapes, colors and fragments of paper that I selected.

I was also reminded at how much collage hones one’s compositional skills. Like arranging a puzzle, each piece builds the picture. Light and dark need to be balanced along with form and line.

BUT first I get to travel to Arizona and teach with an amazing group of women for The Art of Sisterhood retreat! This will be the lesson I share with my students and I can’t wait to see what they create!

I’ll be sharing my journey in my Instagram Stories and on Facebook if you want to tag along with me.

Here’s a sneak peek at my inspiration…

I filmed the whole process so I will be sharing it soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!




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