Mixed Media Workshop!

Hello my friends, I know I've been away for a bit...but I promise I have lots of good stuff happening behind the scenes - including this ---->

Final ad for Workshop

Yes!! My first mixed media workshop and I'm SO excited!! All the details are listed on the new site so check it out here: http://ivynewport.com/workshops/

We will be creating some gorgeous pieces of Art using a fabulous myriad of techniques and mediums - including acrylic paint, ink, stamps, stencils, collage, paint over collage, encaustic (wax) layers, pan pastels, oil pastels and more!

I'm literally buzzing with anticipation! The call to teach has become so very strong...so I've been working on busting through my own fears and just trusting my heart with this one! Trust the journey...right? :)

schoolhouse goddessIt would be absolutely amazing to meet some of you in person! So come visit me and let's create all day!! I can't wait to start sharing my love of Art face to face and get the opportunity to meet you beautiful creative souls! This first workshop will be in my home so it will be super intimate, cozy and special! I will be spoiling you...so be warned. I'm a hugger too. ;)

I hope to meet some of you very soon!

More workshops and classes to come!

What's happening in your world? Do tell!

Sending you all so much love,