Friday Escapes: Sydney

So as many of you know, I was born in Sydney and spent a good portion of my childhood there - moving to Connecticut when I was 16. Like most kids, I totally didn't appreciate the fact that I was living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My friends and I would spend our weekends gallivanting all over town. From Darling Harbor, to downtown, the Rocks and back again. It was safe, gorgeous and so much fun! Yet, we often longed for a life in the glamorous cities of the United States. We idolized all things American. Cheerleaders, star football players, Celebrities, huge malls, schools where you didn't have to wear a uniform...the list went on and on. So when the time came for my dad's company to move us back to the States, my friends were thrilled for me. I was excited too.

I could see it now - walking down the halls of my American high school in my super cute cheerleaders uniform, my quarterback boyfriend carrying my books while a gaggle of new girlfriends follows behind, chattering with excitement about the upcoming Prom! Yes - it was going to be amazing. Ha! I was clearly delusional and had watched far too many episodes of 90210....oh well. A little back story for you...forgive the rambling.

It's all history now and I love my life in America but researching this Friday Escape brought back so many memories. It made me really, really want to go back and visit Sydney...not gonna happen anytime in the meantime, let's go there vicariously...

You know when I find us a place to stay, I don't mess around. It has to be fabulous or forget it. So I think you will be highly pleased with this incredible penthouse that I rented out for our visit. Check out the location - front row seat to the city....

Let's go out on the balcony and check out the fantastic view...

And from the bedroom...

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I told you I wasn't messing around. to start? Sydney is a very rich city with a plethora of things to do! It's hard to pick. Here's the places I'm going to give you a peek at - The Rocks, Darling Harbor and Bondi Beach. A little history, a little shopping and a little R & R. Sound good? Let's go! I hope you brought your walking shoes!

The Rocks is drenched in history with fantastic shopping and amazing restaurants and pubs...since it's a lot to cover I thought it might be best to leave it an expert...


Pretty awesome right? I loved that wine bar! For a little more shopping let's go to the beautiful Darling Harbor area.

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Full of life, Darling Harbor is never boring. Live performances, street artists, shopping, fine restaurants and lovely parks and vistas - there is something for everyone here! This was our playground on the weekends when I was a kid! I miss it!! I know I usually post static pictures but it just doesn't do this vibrant spot watch...


Wow...that was a blast but I"m exhausted! Let's go lay on the beach...Bondi Beach! One of my favorites...

Here's another video tour to give you a feel for how beautiful it is!


Oh's Hugh Jackman going for a jog. "Hi Hugh...hmm...I don't think he heard me...oh well!

oh wait...he did hear us....he's turning around! He's so cheeky!

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Anyway, listen now, the waves can get rough out there so don't get into trouble...I'm sure it would be just awful if some of Bondi's lifeguards had to swim out and save you...*wink*

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Alright...enough mischief! Let's head back to our penthouse...(I really like saying that)...and have a cocktail while the sun sets over the opera house!

That's what I'm talking about! Sydney is even more magnificent at night!

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Cheers friends! Hope you enjoyed our little escape to Sydney! I'm ready to go for real, right now!!

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!