Sketchbook Project: The Sage

I know, I know...its been forever since I've posted another page from the Sketchbook project that I'm doing. I've been a slacker. Well...finally the creative bug got to me and I had to paint and collage last night. I wouldn't stop until I had completed this piece. It's been hanging out in my head for a while.

Since my topic for the sketchbook is "Boys & Girls", I wanted to explore the different archetypes surrounding the two sexes. The sage figure has always been one that has intrigued me. At first, this composition was rather serious but when the butterflies alighted upon the page, I couldn't help but think that every old man, every bearded wizard, was once a boy. A boy who was playful and curious and full of life. So in the end, as the piece evolved, it became a little playful, a tad nostalgic. As the ancient sage wanders the forest, he thinks back to the vibrancy of his youth...and the temptation of mischief.

{click on image to view larger}

I hope to do another one this weekend...

Have a fabulous Friday!