A little square.

Don't laugh - too hard, at least. As promised, I decided to do a little collage project inspired by the wonderful artist Randel Plowman. I'm a little nervous to share but oh well...here goes...

Last night, when it was nice and quiet, I made a cup of tea and locked myself away in my office. Delighted, nervous and excited, I surrounded myself with my new collection of old papers, beautiful napkins, doilies and vintage ads. I cut out a small cardboard square 4" x 4" for my background.

For a while, I felt overwhelmed and jumpy, picking up one piece of paper, then another, gazing at them and then putting them aside. What was I looking for? I needed an inspiration...a direction. I could feel myself backpedaling, that little voice saying, "What are you doing?" and "You don't know how to do this!" I pushed through it and let my intuition guide me.

When I thought I had found the perfect starting piece, I flipped it over to apply the glue and discovered that the other side was just what I had been looking for. It found me. Reassured, I continued. Like a sailor getting used to the land again, I slowly stumbled and wavered until my creative confidence re-emerged.

It's a modest beginning. A little square. But it's my little square and I made it.


cardboard, magazine papers, vintage paper, doily, glued, pen, colored pencil, applied bead

I went to bed with sticky fingers, tiny pieces of paper clinging to me and a big smile of my face.