A Collage a Day

On Sunday, I was perusing one of my favorite inspirational magazines, when I stumbled upon an amazing artist.

Randel Plowman has dedicated his creative life to producing a collage once a day. These tiny 4" x 4" compositions have fueled his very popular blog, where one can experience his new art daily. Each piece sells for a very reasonable $25.00.

Being a bird lover, I am especially fond of these pieces but his style and themes vary, showing a fearlessness you can't help but love. From soft and poetic to bold and graphic, he makes one of a kind art that is approachable and beautiful.

I am inspired by Randel's discipline and the exploration of his own creative process. I'm thinking I might be doing something similar very soon...

By committing to a daily creative ritual, I believe it will lead me towards a better knowledge of my own artistic nature...at least I hope so!

Do you try to do something creative each day?


P.S. Check out Randel's inspiring collage book too!