Collecting Beauty

Like a black bird collecting shiny objects for its nest, I have been drawn to bits of beauty. Today, I found myself gleefully scavenging through a fabric scrap basket at the local quilting store. The day before, I gathered vintage baubles at a thrift shop and bought stacks of beautiful papers from a scrap-booking boutique. On Wednesday, I walked out of Home Depot with an obnoxious bundle of paint swatches in gorgeous hues. What I'm going to do with it all?...well I haven't arrived at that yet but I think I'm being inspired by these lovely mood boards and color studies that I so often gaze at via my favorite blogs.

Maybe I'll make one of my own...

Have a colorful weekend!



Images via: 1. inspiration board: donis delis, 2. Color Me Pretty, 3. inspiration board, 4. inspiration board: mady dooijes