Baby Fever

No, now don't get the wrong idea...I'm not having a baby again anytime soon, but my dear friend who visited me this weekend is a photographer who wants to start a focus on newborn photography. I decided to help her find some inspiration on Flickr. Enjoy these beautiful images...

Happy Wednesday!



p.s. to my beloved friend C - Thank you for visiting are missed already. Love you.

Images: 1. Newborn Dryspell is Over!, 2. Special Delivery, 3. Lazy days, 4. Baby Ford, 5. Soft, 6. l o v e, 7. baby., 8. Cozy, 9. That's a Wrap, 10. cheep cheep, 11. Newborn Goodness, 12. fuzzy, in color, 13. little bird. newborn photographer.14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available