A Veil of Wax

Mixed media & encaustic portraits

Only $77.00


Hello my creative friends,

I'm delighted to bring you this class where we explore the beautiful combination of luminous encaustic wax and portraits! 

For years, I have adored this marriage of mediums and now I want to share some of my favorite techniques.

Whether you are looking to combine photography, collage or your mixed media paintings with wax - this is the class for you - as I will guide you through all these processes.

Encaustic wax creates a glowing layer of mystery and mood to your portraits and allows for much experimentation and exploration of other mediums too! You will create truly expressive and unique portraits that will have you hooked on this gorgeous blend. 

I hope you will join me in class!



Here's a little peak into what you'll learn inside the class...

Class is Open!

Only $77.00


Here's a description of each of our special projects:

Project 1 - Photography & Wax Portrait

In this first project, we will create a mixed media & encaustic portrait using either your own photography or a copyright free image. 

I'll show you how to incorporate the luscious medium of wax with watercolors, oil pastels, collage and more! You will love the effect!


Project 2 - Oil & Wax Sketch

In our second project, we will be creating a project using a reproduction from our sketchbooks and combining it will wax! 

For this piece, we will use collage and oil paint to enhance a sketch and elevate it, creating a unique and beautiful piece of mixed media & encaustic art!


Project 3 - water & WAx Portrait

In our third project, I will guide you through my process of drawing a face in graphite with my non-dominant hand, then layer it with watercolors, colored pencils, oil paint and finally a layer of glowing wax. You will delight in creating this atmospheric and expressive portrait!

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bonus project - Vintage & wax

You know I can't resist throwing in a lovely bonus project! This one will feature a vintage photograph that we will customize with paints, wax crayon and image transfers. This project was a joy to create and I know you will love the process!



Class is Open!

Only $77.00


What will you learn in this class?

I will be guiding you through several topics and techniques such as:

  • How to safely set up your encaustic wax tools

  • Layering encaustic wax

  • Collaging paper into wax

  • Using oil paint with encaustic wax

  • Mixed media techniques with wax

  • How to fuse correctly

  • Preparing your surface for encaustics

  • Drawing a portrait with graphite & clear gesso

  • Using watercolors to paint your portrait

  • Using reproductions of photography to incorporate into wax pieces

  • Image transfer onto wax

  • Using gold leaf and wax

  • Using oil pastels and encaustic wax

  • Sgraffito techniques

  • And much more….

Class is Open!

Only $77.00



If you have never used encaustic wax - then check out this quick video where I explain my set up and materials! It's not as intimidating as it sounds and my students fall IN LOVE with wax once they give it a go!

What kind of supplies do I need for this workshop?

A Veil of Wax - Ivy Newport

A Veil of Wax - Ivy Newport


***Please use what you HAVE! It is not my intention at all to have you purchase everything on the list. Buy only what you think you will use. There are a number of essential materials needed as noted below but many things can be substituted. Let me know if you have questions.***

*essential for this class