The Sacred Circle : Magic in Abstract

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Hello creatives,

Welcome to another inspirational class! I am honored to hold space for this creative project with the help of Ivy Newport Art. As an artist, therapist, shamanic practitioner and intuitive, I’ve created an experience of magic and honoring.

Together, we will become familiar with The Sacred Circle…similar to mandalas…circle work is primal and ancient. It support wholeness, and totality. It is the wheel of the heart and the center, is you! Any work that exemplifies the circle inspires concentrated spiritual goodness.

My class is designed to help you better understand how a Sacred Circle can not only inspire beautiful abstract art, but can ground your process and take the fear out of painting.

Most of the paint-based (abstract) lessons call for basic mixed media supplies (think acrylic paint, gesso, charcoal pencils, graphite pencils and stabilo pencils). I’m a big supporter of using what you have on hand. And although there is a supply list, please feel free to substitute. Abstracts can be created with whatever supplies you have on hand. A must have? Acrylic paint (I use liquid Golden brand for the most part).

One more thing. We are going to be using our intuitive process throughout this course. I know that word is thrown around a lot. For me, and within this dynamic, magic-filled class…I’ll be taking you on a journey of ritual and belief. One that asks you to trust what comes up, process it in paint and believe you’re capable of creating. As a shamanic practitioner, I will invite you into your own intuitive, spiritual realm as we dive in deep. Who knows what you’ll discover!!!? But I do hope you’ll trust the process of wonder. It is all around us. And it is ESPECIALLY in this class.

Welcome soul-friend. I am so excited you’re here!

In love and light,



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Only $57.00



What You’ll Learn In this Class:


Lesson 1


The Sacred Circle: Activating Your Sacred Process

In this lesson, I will show you the basic composition of the Sacred Circle. This process is designed to ground you and align your creative heart with what’s to come: abstract magic! As we build our Sacred Circle, I’ll ask you to gather a few favorite things from your home and community to create a divine ‘blessing’ space. Some items to include might be salt, herbs (fresh or dried), crystals, twigs, sand, a candle or lamp, a written quote (printed or one you write down), and more. Have no fear! This circle building time is designed to be fun and enlightening.


Lesson 2

Abstract Magic: No Fear Intuitive Painting

Once we activate our Sacred Circles and do some breath work, we’ll head into a 12” x 16” canvas (you may choose any size you wish), and start creating a palette for our abstract work.

This formula is simple. And once you learn it, you can re-create abstracts every day of the week if ya’ want to! Intuitive painting isn’t just about trusting your paint choices, it’s about feeling the flow of the creation, moving the brushes according to your higher self and giving yourself breathing room in the process.

I’ll guide you and inspire you. Together, that magical ring of goodness will appear somewhere in your work.


Lesson 3

Free Form: Tapping Into Divine Flow

Ready to rev up your intuitive process even more? Great. I was hoping you’d say yes. Because now, we’re going to take a smaller canvas and truly let your heart call the shots. Want to use loads of purple acrylic? Rad…do it. Want to drip and smudge and smear? I thought you might! This lesson is all about freedom and connecting to your sacred self. There may even be candle light and crystals used in this one. Let the magic commence!


Lesson 4

Heart Opener: Abstract Splash Play

Now that you’re warmed up, we’re going to create on the fly using some specific techniques. I love splashing and dripping paint. This lesson will utilize all of the mediums we’ve explored thus far…and take it up a notch. Together we’ll continue moving through this divine process. And…do you like adding words or phrases into your art? Here’s your chance! Smile! Play looks good on you!


Lesson 5

Guided Visualization and Blessings

We’ve created. We’ve activated and now let’s visualize your process. I’d like to invite you into my studio (Heartwork City Studios)…where we can sit on my sun-yellow sofa and conceptualize the beauty that we’ve created. I am a master hypnotherapist and shamanic practitioner. Which means I guide clients through visual landscapes to find energy and truth. I’d like to take you on such an adventure using some of my divine tools. After our guided work, you will feel blessed and relaxed. Ready to take on the world. It has been such an honor sharing my sacred process. I know you will find it healing and magical.


Classroom Opens Soon!

Only $57.00


Here are some more examples of Denise’s beautiful work…


Who is this class for?

The Sacred Circle: Magic in Abstract is designed for the dreamer and the maker. Have you tried abstract painting before and felt frustrated? Maybe abstract painting seems scary because you’re not actually painting “something”-you’re creating with just color and line/design.

This class is certainly for anyone who is ready to master the abstract mystery. AND…in the process….dive into a pool full of mysticism and magic. I’m a woo-woo girl, there’s no doubt about it. If you’re a lil’ “woo” yourself, my class will speak to your heart and soul.


Classroom Opens Soon!

Only $57.00



About Denise Braun

Denise’s first memories of art occurred around age 8. Her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Hirsch, told her, “You are very talented and artistic, but you need discipline.” So naturally, Denise rebelled against any formal art training, and found herself doodling all over her high school and college notebooks. Her mother, a professional artist, would drag Denise and her sister to every art museum west of the Mississippi, hoping her daughters would catch the ‘art bug.’

But when college rolled around, Denise decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. So naturally, today, Denise merrily combines art, therapy and inspiration into her own style of creative and flowing art. Her focus? Joy. Her mission? To open up the creative vault in every person who happens to smile when they see her pieces. Her style is eclectic and bright. Her favorite way to create? Quickly without thinking. “It helps clear the cobwebs out of the judgmental part of our brains.”

Denise is a certified hypnotherapist and intuitive clinician who supports adult and child clients as they overcome multitudes of blocks and symptoms. She enjoys traveling to teach art workshops across the US, and adores her small art studio in Atascadero, CA, where she lives with her husband, three daughters, 9 chickens, Chihuahua and 4 cats and 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy. Oh. And she enjoys playing the Ukulele. Find her on Facebook and Instagram as The Real Denise Braun.



Mystical Supplies:

  • crystals (any)

  • salt, basil (dried is fine)

  • small candle (I use prayer candles)

  • a lighter

  • Salt Lamp (make sure you create your sacred circle near an outlet to plug in)

  • paper and pen/pencil

  • any statuettes you may have (like angels, trees etc)

  • twigs

  • sand

  • flower petals

  • feathers

  • quotes you LOVE (written by your or pre-printed)

  • a spot to make your circle (I use trays—like TV trays or serving trays…cookie sheets work great, too)

Art Supplies:

  • acrylic—soft bodied or liquid (pick 4 to 5 colors you adore—I used yellow ochre, turquoise, soft pink, titan buff, and naples yellow), plus black acrylic paint or black gesso

  • fluid acrylic ink like Daler/Rowney in the dropper jar (I used orange/red and teal)

  • white gesso

  • clear gesso

  • charcoal pencil (soft)

  • graphite pencil (soft)

  • white charcoal pencil (soft)

  • black ball point pen (like uniball Signo)

  • roller (brayer)

  • stamps you love that are patterned (not ‘things’)

  • brushes (large and small)

  • stabilo soft pencil (white and black, any other color you like)

  • gold acrylic paint (optional)

  • PLUS…do you have bits of paper you love? Grab em. Maybe a pencil/pen you’ve been dying to try? Get it! I’ll give lots of options outside of the mediums I use in the videos. And since you have lifetime access to the class, you can come back again and again to try new things!