Greetings my wonderful subscribers,

Are you ready to celebrate Spring with me! It’s Day One of our Spring Fever!

Spring is such a beautiful time to refocus your energy. While winter is reflective, Spring can be a time of fresh ideas, renewed energy and luminous light! It’s also a great time to show yourself love! So today I have a fun self-portrait collage project for you.

This was my lesson for Lifebook 2016 and it was such a delight to create! It is all about self-love and it’s entitled “Be Your Own Angel”.

Today, it’s yours in its entirety! I hope you enjoy…


***Please note this is a mixed media encaustic project but you can totally skip the wax layer if encaustic is not your thing!

IF you do choose to add the wax, I highly recommend you do this on a wood board or rigid substrate. I originally did this on heavy watercolor paper which made it rather fragile.


LIFEBOOK - Ivy Newport

Hope you enjoyed this! Share your creations with our Creative community on Facebook! I would love to see what you make!



P.S. Now, I know not all of you around the world are experiencing Spring quite yet... but I hope you can play along anyway! ;)