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The Greek goddess, Persphone is our muse.

This mysterious and powerful female figure stands out among the line up of Goddesses. She is both light and dark. Rebirth and death - she is the Goddess of the Spring and the Queen of the Underworld! Such beautiful dualities at play here!

Within this lesson, you will witness me transform this portrait from a rough sketch to a fully painted rendering, using many different mixed media supplies. 

*Originally filmed for Ever After 2017 with Tamara LaPorte, I am delighted to share this layered, mixed media portrait lesson with you now!

I hope you will join me!

 Initial concept sketch.

Initial concept sketch.

 Quick value and color study.

Quick value and color study.

Come springtide I am bound to earth, to my mother’s sunfilled meadows...
— excerpt from "Persephone Speaks" by Amrita

 Shadow & light portrait on linen canvas
 Portrait done in charcoal, graphite and  acrylic paint
Image 24.png

Let me tell you more...

For this lesson, I will be guiding you through my entire process of creating this portrait, including starting the sketch with my non dominant hand! A fun trick that I love to use for beginning almost all my portraits now!

We will then move on to creating a toned underpainting before progressing to creating skin tones, features and hair.

You will love learning some of my tricks to glazing with acrylic inks, using fine white line work to activate the portrait as well as creating an elaborate headdress of pomegranates and blossoms.

Creating your own beautiful portrait will be both rewarding and illuminating as you bring your style, symbolism and individual interpretation of this Greek myth to your final work!


So come join me for this lesson!


ONLY $27.00

Here are some of the things I will cover within the class: 

 A special bonus portrait included!
  • Sketching with your non-dominant hand
  • Toning your paper 
  • Creating an underpainting
  • Brief description of skin tones and building up layers 
  • Glazing with acrylic inks
  • Creating contrast with light and dark
  • Exploring many mixed media techniques and tools
  • And more...
  • PLUS this lesson will include a full downloadable PDF documenting each step in my process
  • And as usual, you will be able to download the videos as well!

and by the fading light of summer, I return to my lover’s onyx walls and cimmerian heart.
— Excerpt from "Persephone Speaks" by Amrita

 2 minutes sketch with watercolor pencil done with non-dominant hand


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ONLY $27.00