I’ve created this special, free tutorial for my subscribers simply because I had so much fun creating this portrait and I wanted to share it with you!

This time lapse video tutorial details my process of working on toned paper with a focus on lights and darks. It includes lots of helpful tips for creating your own toned paper portrait! 

Ok, let's get started. Here is the reference picture I used to help me see the lights, darks and overall structure. If you choose another photo to work from remember to select an image with strong lighting. This helps you see form more easily. This is a copyright free image via Unsplash.com by photographer, Audrey Jackson. I have curated a gallery of high res copyright free images for you right here. I found this image on Unsplash but you can download it here. (For my purposes, I converted it to black and white.)

Let's begin...


I truly hope you enjoyed that! Please let me know if you have questions and I would love to see what you create! If you aren't a member of my Facebook creative community then on over and come join us. It's the perfect place to share your art and be supported by fellow artists! 

***A note on analyzing your work - Once you are done with your sketch, first - feel good about taking the time to draw and giving it a go! THEN, look at your drawing closely and compare it to your reference.

Where did you achieve accuracy? Where didn't you? I can see areas that I could improve on my own portrait when I do this too! Don't feel frustrated! 

You, me, US - we are learning. We will always be learning and so it is good to be able to observe our "mistakes" with love and grace. Try again. Each time, you will see improvement and you will further your path as an Artist. 

Thank you for creating with me today.

Much love and gratitude to you,



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