Hello creative friends!

I originally made this video for Let's Face it 2017 and I'm delighted to share it with YOU today! In this quick video, I will discuss my tips & tricks when using my favorite mark making tools! I believe mark making can truly be a way of putting your essence into your work. Experimenting with different tools and ways of making marks should be fun and playful! Get a big sheet of inexpensive paper, some simple tools and get good and messy!

See below the video for links to all the supplies I mention. :) Enjoy!

Supplies mentioned: Fineliner applicator, Lyra Graphite Stick, Mechanical Pencil, Compressed charcoal, Vine charcoal

I truly hope you enjoyed that! Please let me know if you have questions and I would love to see what you create! If you aren't a member of my Facebook creative community then on over and come join us. It's the perfect place to share your art and be supported by fellow artists! 

Also, if you want to learn more about creating portraits and gain experience from an amazing team of artists, consider joining us for Let's Face It 2018! We would love to have you!

Thank you for creating with me today.

Much love and gratitude to you,


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