Hello creative friends,

I'm excited to share a very quick video with you, where I create this expressive drawing. As many of you know, I am studying Picasso's blue period. During this time, he often depicted the poor and poverty stricken people he saw around him. 

I was inspired to do an exploration of this subject. My goal was to stay loose, evoke emotion and allow the piece to take form without me over controlling the outcome.

Through layers of watery pencil marks, acrylic ink and finally white pastel, she took shape. I found myself very emotional through the process...

This image struck me immediately. This is a photograph from the slums of Barcelona in the 1930's. 

Working on subjects like this is not only moving for the artist but can, obviously, stir the soul of the viewer. I believe that expressing human suffering is a gift that the artist possesses and helps bring a sense of emotion and connection that words cannot. It is one way the artist contributes to humanity - to not only portray beauty but also despair.

To, ultimately, remind us how important empathy and generosity are. 

Hope you enjoy...


I truly hope you enjoyed that! If you give it a go, please try and remember to stay as loose as possibly and don't be afraid to recreate your drawing over and over in the layers you make. I think this creates a beautiful history of marks on the page and evokes even more emotion. There were several moments that I wanted to stop and throw this in the trash but I kept pushing forward. Sometimes, on the brink of failure is a breakthrough if you can just hold on! You have to willing to create a mess to reveal the beauty! And if you end up throwing it in the bin...who cares....I do it all the time!

Please let me know if you have questions and I would love to see what you create! If you aren't a member of my Facebook creative community then on over and come join us. It's the perfect place to share your art and be supported by fellow artists! 

Thank you for creating with me today.

Much love and gratitude to you,



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