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ONLY $27.00

This Mixed Media Lesson explores a range of techniques from collage, paint application, stenciling, mark making and more! It is a fun an approachable lesson for all levels of experience!

The message behind the project is the concept of embracing and celebrating different aspects of ourselves and creating a visual language of expression with our art!

Along with various creative processes, I discuss my own personal symbolism and how it relates to the piece. I encourage you to discover what different symbols mean to you. 

*Originally filmed for The Art of Sisterhood with Kara Bullock, I am delighted to share this layered, mixed media lesson with you now!

I hope you will join me!

Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you.

Shadow & light portrait on linen canvas
Portrait done in charcoal, graphite and acrylic paint
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Let me tell you more...

For this lesson, I will be guiding you through my entire process of creating this mixed media painting! We begin with creating a color palette and collecting beautiful bits of papers!

Once we have our basic sketch established, we then move on to the soothing act of collage

Gradually, we will begin to build layers of paint and marks to create a unique and beautiful patchwork of color and pattern.

Through a process of editing and adding details we will bring the whole piece together, embellishing with fine details, stencil and more! You will love learning some of my favorite tricks! 

Creating your own beautiful painting will be both rewarding and expressive as you bring your style, symbolism and individual interpretation to your final work! This is a special project full of heart and soul! 


So come join me for this lesson!


ONLY $27.00

Here are some of the things I will cover within the class: 

A special bonus portrait included!
  • Sketching out your design

  • Collage techniques

  • Building a color story

  • Creating a colorful and varied background

  • Editing with white paint to create structure and focus

  • Using stencils

  • Adding fine details to activate the piece

  • Exploring many mixed media techniques and tools

  • And more...

  • PLUS this lesson will include a full downloadable PDF documenting each step in my process

  • And as usual, you will be able to download the videos as well!

Be brave enough to listen to your heart.

2 minutes sketch with watercolor pencil done with non-dominant hand


Please don't feel you have to buy everything on the list...use what you have. :) 

*essential for class

• Canvas or board (any size) I used a 16” x 20” flat wood board*

• Acrylic Paints and or craft paints*

Paints I used: 

• Assorted brushes* 

• Collage papers* 

Soft Gel Medium (glue)* 

• Stencils of your choice 

Stabilo Marks all Pencil in Black

• Oil pastels and or colored pencils 

Paint pen in white


ONLY $27.00