I’ve created this special, free lesson to celebrate my upcoming Italian Art Retreat in beautiful Orvieto! 


This extensive video lesson is full of instruction and helpful tips for creating your own gorgeous Italian landscape! Remember, working with wax is not a linear process...it requires some trial and error, patience and an open mind. However, the beauty of this medium is well worth it!




Never used Encaustic Wax before? No worries! It's not as scary or as difficult as it looks! Plus, once you use this magical medium you will be in LOVE.

Check out my wax setup video below to help get you started...




Watch as I create a glowing, rich Italian landscape using encaustic wax, collage, oil paint and more!


Dreaming of Italy, just like me? Here is my Italian Pinterest board to get you inspired!


***Note - To reduce the oil in your oil paints you can squeeze them out onto a paper towel and let them sit over night before using with the wax. ***

Please use what you HAVE!  It is not my intention at all to have you purchase everything on the list.  Buy only what you think you will use. There are a number of essential materials needed as noted below but many things can be substituted. Let me know if you have questions.

*essential for this class

Read all about my Italian Art Retreat coming up in September 2017!

***Limited Spots Available***

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