Day Nine


Hello art friends,

We are already at Day Nine of our annual 12 Days of Creativity! Time is flying by right?

The holidays are lots of fun but they can inherently bring about stress too! Yikes! Well, today we are sharing some helpful FREE videos from our dear teacher, Denise Braun - where she’s gonna help you slow down, find your center and reconnect. Deep breaths.

As a sweet bonus, we are also including a wonderful resource from my dear friend, Trina Lee! Trina is an incredible healer and EFT practitioner who has the most wonderful meditations available! Go here to grab a FREE meditation and use her special code to get a discount: FLOW50.

I highly recommend the Releasing Blocks- Flow into Creativity Meditation! I use it all the time before I create!

Happy relaxing…


Bonus Gift

Today we’re “Clearing The Noise” with a FREE meditation from my dear friend, Trina Lee. Enjoy!

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