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I am so honored to be here to share my love of modern calligraphy with you. I fell in love with calligraphy in 2013. What I love most about modern calligraphy is the idea of using tools from an old art form in a creative and expressive way. It slows me down and requires me to be present in the moment. I love the sound of the metal nib gently scratching across the paper --- it truly is therapeutic.

As an artist, I also love all the different art mediums that can be used with the metal nib --- inks, watercolor, gouache, mica paints and drawing gum just to name a few.  In this class I will teach you the basics of pointed pen calligraphy then we will explore a variety of nibs, art mediums and papers! There are two projects at the end of class to create with your newly-found skill!  I hope you’ll join me!