DAY 1 - Create Your Website

Hello creatives! We're excited to open one of our most popular business classes, Point Click Create. 

It has truly been exciting to watch over 700 students launch their websites and begin sharing their gifts with the world while growing their online businesses. A great website is the FIRST step!

Over the next 3 DAYS, we'll be sharing a little sneak peek at a few of the lessons you'll be learning. Our goal with this class is to walk you step-by-step in breaking down the essentials to building your own successful website. 

Chris has been a website designer/developer for over 20 years and understands the challenges of building and launching a successful website. The great news is - the tools available today, allow anyone to create their own powerful brand online.

In our first of two videos below, you'll begin your journey with understanding the basics of how a website is hosted and the difference between a Domain Name and a Website. The most common questions we get are "What is a domain name?" and "Can I launch a new site even though I already have a site?". Each step in this class is meant to guide you along your journey to launching your own creative site! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed our first video. As you can see, we begin with the fundamentals and move into breaking down the basics of how a website is built. You'll begin to understand that every site is built on "blocks" and can be customized to how you wish your website to look. It's one of the many reasons we LOVE Squarespace.

Enjoy the video!

I hope you found this video helpful! Each step along your journey will build upon each lesson. At the end, you'll have your own personally branded website and help you achieve the following...

  • Defining your brand online
  • Setting up an email subscription to grow your following
  • Blogging tips and strategies to help you reach your audience
  • Build your own gallery to showcase and sell your work
  • Setup to sell your own products and online classes
  • Proper setup to ensure your site is optimized to work with Google and other search engines.
  • And so much more!


Here are a few quotes from our wonderful students...