Hello my creative friends!

Our live class was a huge success so we've decided to open it back up as an self-study. What does that mean?

Well, it means you will get all the wonderful content as our live students, access to our gorgeous, info packed classroom, a powerful connection to the Paint & Pixels community AND the opportunity to learn at your own pace all for a great price! (The original live class was $120.00)

Only $87.00 with lifetime access.

Due to this being a self-study, you will need a get up and go determination to power through the learning curve, be open to new ways to create and commit to a practice that - (we promise) - will bring you SO  much joy! 

The results  of this class have been incredibly thrilling and groundbreaking - expanding our student's artistic development and process! Now, we want to share this knowledge with you!




Read On To Learn More...

Over an in-depth four weeks we will be introducing the iPad as another medium that can be used seamlessly alongside your paints, pastels, pencils and other beloved art supplies! Harnessing the power of several apps, we have engineered a creative workflow where you can not only create masterful, painterly digital works but can use these tools to experiment with your traditional art - exploring the development of a concept sketch, planning a painting or doing a simple color study.

The iPad gives you the magical ability to create with NO RISK!!! No paint will be wasted, no mess will be can't "ruin" a thing! This freedom allows the artist to fully spread their creative wings, stretching beyond what is comfortable and giving permission to "play" without traditional constraints. In this way, creating on the iPad bridges the gap between doing what you know and experimenting with what you don't.

Another purposeful and vitally important component to creating art is practice right? We carry around our sketchbooks, why not carry around your iPad too? Take a photo of a scene and then sketch over it, sit in a cafe and pull out your stylus and draw from life right there on your tablet and capture gestures and faces quickly and easily. No need for erasers...just hit the undo button and move on. If desired, later develop that sketch by digitally painting it, plan out your colors, forms, and values before you take it to canvas.

Are we suggesting that you throw out your sketchbooks and pencils?  Of course not! Digital tools will not and are NOT supposed to REPLACE traditional art mediums! We believe they can simply be folded into the mix!

How many times have you looked at your artwork and thought  - " might look cool if I do this... but what if I completely destroy it?" So, you don't do it. You don't dare take the chance! In the act of preservation, you stunt your own artistic growth. Art is RISKY... that's why it can be so thrilling. BUT why ruin a perfectly lovely piece of work with a big slash of red paint if you're just not sure it's worth it. So... take a picture of it with your iPad. Bring it into one of the art apps and DO IT! SPLASH red paint all over the darn thing if you want!! Get crazy! Push yourself!! See what works....and what doesn't. Press UNDO when it doesn't and SAVE when it does. Now take this courage into your traditional art! Now, you KNOW that that bold slash of red really activates the piece and in this process of you have expanded your artistic knowledge!

Think you are not technologically savvy enough to do all this? Well let us assure you that YOU ARE! The apps we are going to teach are very intuitive and we will be walking your through their uses step by step. This isn't Photoshop and although we are both well versed in the power of Photoshop, most of us simply don't need that kind of complexity! Our methods are simple, enjoyable and very rewarding!

So, if you have been curious about digital art, using art apps on your iPad or you are simply wanting a new way to explore, experiment and expand your artistic practice - this class is for YOU!


Okay, so ready to Take this journey? Awesome!  Here's what you will need before you begin this class and Let's discuss pre-requisites. 


  • Be comfortable using the iPad and it's basic interface
  • Be able to download images, save images and use the iPad camera and camera roll
  • Be able to connect, charge and use a stylus.
  • Be able to download and update apps


What you need for class?

An iPad updated with iOS Version 10.0 or higher (clear off old photos and videos you don't need so you'll have plenty of room.)

***Please note all Apps required are the paid versions with add ons. We highly recommend you download these apps and explore them before you begin the class. This will help you feel more comfortable with them when you reach the App lessons in the course.***

    What You'll Learn

    • A creative workflow using your iPad to create, save, export and print your creations.

    • An in-depth look at how to use our favorite Art apps and how to combine them.

    • Using the iPad as a learning tool.

    • How to print and then overlay your work using your favorite traditional materials.

    • Access to a curated gallery of stock photos, textures and imagery to use in your creations.

    • Lessons on color, composition, drawing, painting, mixed media and even encaustic wax too! Plus MUCH MORE!


    What Students Are Saying...

    Supply List

    We wanted to share with you the supply list... please use what you have! You can always add to your supplies over time. As for the encaustic supplies*, this is completely optional. We just wanted to show you the possibilities of mixing Paint & Pixels!

    Essential Supplies:

    *For those of you who are curious about using encaustic wax over your prints you can check out my brief wax setup video here.