Growing Your Followers


Hello my wonderful creatives!

Now that we've discussed Email Marketing vs. Social Media, it's time for a discussion on tips and strategies for using Facebook Advertising as the best way for you to share your content and lead people back to your website.

Within the last few years, Facebook has changed their algorithms, cracking down on promotional content, leaving only 2-3% of these posts actually being seen! In just the last few days, they have tightened things up again! 

BUT - not to worry! The tips you're about to learn will help you understand the importance of how to leverage and utilize Facebook Advertising tools to make sure people can find you and ultimately join your subscriber list. Fortunately, you DO NOT need to spend very much money on these ads to get some pretty awesome returns!

Learning how to successfully purchase, create and analyze Facebook Ads is imperative for online entrepreneurs. So let's chat a little bit about how we can go about this.

Did you enjoy that? I hope you found this video informative and shows you the types of marketing strategies we'll be sharing within the class. Building an effective marketing campaign is the fastest way we've found to grow our audience using Facebook Advertising. 



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