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Hello Creatives!

Have you always struggled with email marketing, online advertising and growing your following on social media? Have you always wanted to know the right approach to growing your online business? Well, you are not alone...

You see, many of us artists feel pretty uncomfortable tooting our own horn and marketing can feel rather icky. BUT we need to change this way of thinking and redefine our relationship to sales. Marketing is (when done artfully and authentically) simply a form of storytelling. It's a way for your to share your gifts and prosper from them. Surely there is no shame in that right?

Once, we aligned ourselves with this concept, we have been able to welcome the abundance that comes from doing what you love and working passionately at it! As a result, we get to connect with students and artists all over the world and we are deeply grateful for that.

Now, is the time for us to share what has worked and hasn't worked for us - in the hope that you too can grow your creative business and begin to discover the joy of being an artistic entrepreneur! If your goal is to sell your art, teach or just reach the audience you desire, this class is for you!

We want to empower you with the tactics that have worked for us and help you increase your beautiful presence online! If no one knows about your gifts, no one can benefit from them. Time to shine your light and do it with pride! 

I hope you will join us.


The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.
— Tom Fishburne

Find and Grow Your Audience


Our goal with this class is to remove the stigma and mystery behind online marketing and teaching you smart, effective and heart aligned marketing philosophies. This class is designed to guide you step-by-step in finding, growing and creating an authentic marketing plan that not only resonates with you but connects you to your audience.

Online Marketing, Find Your Audience

Find your audience

Understanding your audience is critical to knowing how to present yourself, your business and the products you offer. We’ll help you unlock your unique gifts and connect with a dedicated and loyal audience. We’ll show you how to identify your ideal customer and build the right strategies to communicate with them.


Know your audience

Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? YouTube? What’s the difference? And how can you succeed on social media? It can seem overwhelming to choose the right social networks to focus on. We’ll explore tips on finding where your tribe is and how to relate to them effectively on popular social platforms. 

Online Marketing, Know your audience
grow subscriber list

Grow Your Audience

Once you’ve found your audience, it’s time to begin growing your relationship with them. How can you best serve them? Which of your gifts should you share? We’ll offer tips on curating the right content, ways to authentically connect with your following and how to implement marketing strategies that help increase your presence.


Classroom Sold Out!

Email Marketing


Email marketing is the most important part of your business and your most valuable asset. Your email list contains your most loyal followers and customers. These are the people you must serve and cherish. 

We’ll share with you how to attract new subscribers and design beautiful email marketing campaigns that are sure to engage your audience and nurture your relationship to your subscribers. Once you’re all set, you’ll learn how to set your email on autopilot (automation) so you can connect with your subscibers consistantly and with ease.

  • Grow your subscriber lists

  • Marketing strategies and promotion techniques

  • Create custom emails to the right audience

  • Email automation

Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.
— Michael Hyatt


Social Media Marketing


Using social media marketing can be a powerful and inspiring way to grow your audience and subscriber list. However, not all social media is the same and we’ll show you how to plan and create the right posts to help your message and services attract the right customers to you.


facebook marketing

Facebook is constantly changing and is mostly misunderstood. However, it has many advantages and we will share what has worked best for our practices. We’ll discuss how we manage Facebook and explore the best tactics for marketing and targeting the right audience. 

  • Facebook Page and Groups

  • Facebook Ads and retargeting strategies

  • What to post/what not to post

  • When to boost and be smart with your marketing


Instagram marketing

They say that Instagram is the hottest new place for ART - and in our experience it is indeed a vibrant creative community! With effective, beautiful posts and marketing strategies, you’re sure to turn some heads on this visually inspiring social platform - we will show you HOW! 

  • Defining your goals and campaign objectives

  • Understanding formats and editing

  • Consistency of brand

  • Using Stories effectively

  • Using relevant and trending hashtags


Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest attracts creatives from all over the globe to it’s visual feast of ideas and inspiration. It’s the perfect place to get noticed! You can inspire Pinners by creating beautiful, helpful, actionable pins and we’ll show you how to create successful marketing campaigns on this powerful platform.

  • Building the right boards

  • Creating the right image

  • Proper SEO strategies for Google Search

  • Promoting your Pins


Youtube Marketing

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? It’s also owned by none other than Google and it houses a plethora of artistic tutorials - but did you know that a video that isn’t properly optimized with the right SEO makes it difficult for others to find? We’ll walk you through the steps to creating the right strategy to link your content and increase viewer engagement.

  • Optimize your “video keywords”

  • Tips on creating great videos

  • Setting your video for YouTube SEO

  • Proper tagging

  • Building “audience retention” and ranking


Communicating With Your Audience

You’re an expert with amazing gifts and now it’s time to share all your wonderful talents! You don’t have to have a PHD or Masters degree in your field. If you have something to share that you are passionate about - we guarantee someone else is out there ready to learn from you!

We’ll teach you how to walk in their shoes and find the right messaging that will connect with your audience and align you with their needs.


What is my message?

Many wonder what their message is and how their gifts can truly serve another? This is a common worry among artists and one that, with a little reflection, honesty and heart can be easily sought out. We will help you find that core message and then teach you how to share to it with your followers.



into the myst

How do I create content?

There are many forms of content: Text, Images, Audio and Video. All types of content work online and play an important role in your presence. We’ll learn how to identify and focus on the right content creation.

However you choose to create your content, with a little research up front you can find the right topics that most people are searching for. This will help ensure that all your hard work is shared with the right audience. We’ll show you step-by-step the tools used to make this happen.  


how will people find me?

Once you’ve set up your content, how will you serve it to your audience and how will they discover you? Three little letters, BIG results - SEO! SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Sounds high tech but we demystify what it is and how powerful implementing SEO can be - so people can find you when searching on the internet.

How to do tea bag painting, Jeanne-Marie Webb

HOw Do I represent myself online?

One word - BRAND. You need a beautiful, consistent and relatable brand that authentically respresents who you are as a creative. People will come to recognize this and grow to trust your brand when done successfully. We’ll show you how to build a brand that connects between your email, social and other marketing materials.

We’ll also share some amazing design tools that are guaranteed to make your ads look their best! When you’re finished, your marketing will look like you hired a professional graphic designer! :)



Here's what you'll achieve with your marketing.


Understand how to communicate with your audience

Every customer need is different. We’ll show you how to plan and build the right messaging for your ideal customer. We’ll also take you through the steps to identify your key talents and how to best share them with your audience.

Identifying the right social media tools to help you grow your audience

Every social media tool has their advantages and key differentiators for your audience. We’ll unlock the right tools that will help you grow the following you need.


Properly plan and execute your marketing plan

Anything in life that is successful requires proper planning. The right plan for your marketing is essential if you wish to make it a success. Our step-by-step process will guide you along the path to building the right marketing plan specific to you and your ideal customer.


Keyword Research and Planning

In order to grow your audience, you need to know what your audience is looking for. We’ll show you how to search and plan to make sure your advertising and leads are hitting the right mark for your ideal customer.

Make your marketing work for you through automation

Tools and services available today make it easier than ever to automate your marketing. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up your email, content posts and social sharing automation. Sit back and let all that planning work for you!

Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.
— Tom Cates

Classroom Sold Out!

What will you learn in this class?

  • How to find the right customer and discover your true message
  • How to create beautiful ad campaigns that will increase subscribers and followers

  • Learn how to navigate social media

  • Find the keywords and content that is most popular with your audience

  • Create content that relates to your audience
  • Retargeting strategies to ensure your marketing and advertising is always displayed to the right audience.

  • Design and create a professional/cohesive marketing campaign and brand.

  • And More...

There are some bonuses!


Project files

We want you to be ready to begin right away in the classroom. We'll provide the images and content to practice designing your email and social marketing templates. You don't need to start from scratch! :)  


Marketing Scheduler

If you're posting, blogging and sending email daily, weekly or monthly, it can seem a little overwhelming. Not to worry! We have a useful scheduling tool to keep it all organized. It's a lifesaver and keeps us organized on a monthly basis.


Marketing Checklist

Once you're ready to launch your marketing campaign, we'll provide you with a helpful checklist to manage your email, social and blog. These handy lists keep you organized and ready to launch your content marketing!

What do you need for this class?

High-speed internet access

Personal Computer

Email Marketing Account (i.e. Mailchimp)

Social Media Accounts

A willingness to work very hard :)


Who is the class for?



  • Grow their audience and subscribers online

  • Looking for new tips on how market to the right customers

  • Grow a dedicated following that you inspire and serve

  • Increase sales on their website

  • Learn tips and tactics to growing your subscriber lists

  • Remove the “mystery” behind social media advertising

  • Design a professional marketing campaign

  • Set up email automation that will work for you on a daily, weekly, yearly basis

  • Grow your existing or new business

Leverage the strength that you have: that no one else can be you.
— Todd Wheatland


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to use every social media platform you're recommending? Absolutely not! No social media platform is the same or is the right fit for everyone. We'll walk you through finding the right social media platform(s) that fit with your audience. 

Do I need to spend money on advertising campaigns? We'll walk you through how to set up an ad campaign with Facebook but you certainly don't have to use paid advertising to start. There are plenty of tools and strategies we'll be showing you that don't cost you anything! :) 

How much are the other tools you're teaching for email marketing? In this class, we'll we'll focus on using Mailchimp. If you wish to use MailChimp for email marketing, it's free for your first 2000 subscribers. As you add more, the price goes up (typical for all email marketing tools). 

We'll definitely be covering all options and best practices for starting out. We love that there are so many affordable options such as Mailchimp and social media tools. 

How long do I have access to this class? It’s your class and you keep it forever. You can download the videos too! PLUS - Whenever you have a question or need to brush up on your skills; Chris, myself and the class will be here when you need us. 




Complete your training with Modules One and Two.

This is the year YOU build your Creative Online Business!

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