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To celebrate CREATIVE LIVING listeners, I wanted to give you guys 30% off on select online classes. All our classes offer lifetime access, downloadable videos and private Facebook class groups! I hope you enjoy!

Flower Magic

Classroom IS OPEN!

Bonjour a tous! It fills me with joy to be able to show you how to create these flowers… but also how I choose my colors (I’ll show you how I make color cards which I find very useful for quickly finding a great color scheme) and how to apply all that we have learned experimenting with simple flower shapes to a more complicated portrait.

Fabric Of Time

Registration is open!

I'm delighted to bring you a BRAND NEW class with Stephanie Rubiano. Incorporating images into her artwork has been a long-time passion and she's always exploring new ways to utilize them. Printing images on fabric and building layers of mixed media result in a truly exciting project.

Free Art Lesson - Start Creating...

I want to send you access to this lovely FREE Mixed Media video so just enter your name and email address below and I will send you your secret password so you can watch this video whenever you like! Keep creating! 

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A Veil of Wax


I'm delighted to bring you this class where we explore the beautiful combination of luminous encaustic wax and portraits! 

Whether you are looking to combine photography, collage or your mixed media paintings with wax - this is the class for you - as I will guide you through all these processes.



Join Tricia Dewey and explore innovative techniques to creating unique, expressive and modern abstract figurative art on your iPad and iPhone! 

She's excited to share her techniques with you!

Lovely Dancer

Degas has always been one of my favorite artists. Occasionally, one of his ballet dancers will cross my path and each time I am taken with the beauty, grace and color he captures. So, finally I have decided to dive deep into a study of his work and blend this knowledge with my own passion for figurative and mixed media art.

Shades of White

Come join me for this one week Mixed Media & Encaustic workshop where we explore the beauty and subtlety of white and neutral tones.

When we strip away color - texture, contrast and ultimately design and composition come to the forefront. We will focus on these artistic aesthetics as we complete three beautifully unique projects.

Mobile Art Magic

We carry them with us at all times - we don’t leave home without them! So...why shouldn’t we be using them creatively too? You can make beautiful, rich art right on your iPhone!  

Expand your knowledge of color, experiment with composition and use your own photography to compose stunning, layered pieces of ART! Print them out and hang them on your walls! 

Sacred Landscape

I am so excited to announce this class! It's something I've been working on for quite some time now. I've been studying landscapes, abstract and figurative work. One day, I sat down and they all came together.

I knew right away, I had to share this process with you.

Poetic Plaster & Wax

I've teamed up with my dear friend and fellow teacher, Petra Hrziwnatzki to create this brand NEW Online workshop! Art and Poetry co-exist. Words and colors. Stanzas and brushstrokes. Verses and imagery. This is why we have created this class.

We hope you will join us on this exciting artistic journey!

Into the Myst

I am delighted and honored to host a BRAND NEW class by artist Katrina Koltes! She will be sharing her inspiring process of creating mixed media paintings infused with magic, mystical creatures and enchanting stories! Come learn all of Katrina's gorgeous techniques and discover the magic within you! Register now!

Flight and Feather

This two week online mixed media and encaustic workshop will explore the magic, grace and beauty of birds! 

We will be completing 4 main projects as well as several studies and exercises. These finished creations would make beautiful gifts for loved ones and friends too! 

Tiny Bags of Love

I am delighted and honored to host a BRAND NEW class by artist Jeanne-Marie Webb! She will be sharing her inspiring process of creating mixed media portraits on tiny tea bags! An intricate and beautiful art indeed!

This class has been long anticipated and we expect it to fill very quickly. Register now!

Spirit Horse

Who doesn't adore the beauty, grace and strength of horses? They have captivated artists for centuries and have been depicted in all cultures!

Well...my intention is not to teach you how to draw a horse perfectly - that could take years of practice! But to rather show you how to capture the essence of the Horse - your very own SPIRIT HORSE! 

Come join me and let's create together!

Inspired Collage

I am delighted to introduce you to the wonderfully talented Petra Hrziwnatzki! I am so honored to have her here to share this beautiful class with you!

Get ready! It's going to be a powerful and exciting journey!

Whimsical Portraits & Dreamy Landscapes

Join me online in this mixed media workshop where we will be creating two elaborate projects - a whimsical portrait and a dreamy landscape! Don’t fret if you’ve never painted a face before – I have some great tricks to share with you! 

Paint and Pixels Self Study

Our live class was a huge success so we've decided to open it back up as an self-study. What does that mean?

Well, it means you will get all the wonderful content as our live students, access to our gorgeous, info packed classroom and a powerful connection to the Paint & Pixels community! Are you ready to learn how to create ART on your iPad? Come on in!


not included in sale}


Point Click Create


Many of you have asked me - "Who built your site?" "How can I create an online business?" and "How did you start and where do I begin?" Well, my friends, I'm so excited to share more about our journey and truly - it began with our website!

Lights Camera Art


I'm so excited to lead you through this course as we explore not only the logistics of how to make an art video but how to get the best YOU across to your audience. 

I hope you will join me and my husband, Chris as we share our insights, expertise and training on the making of an ART video!

Letter to Words


I am so honored to bring you this brand NEW class with the talented Kathy Glynn! She is here to share her love of modern calligraphy with you. Kathy fell in love with calligraphy in 2013. What she loves most about modern calligraphy is the idea of using tools from an old art form in a creative and expressive way. This class will slow you down and be truly present in the moment. I hope you’ll join us!

Upon Healing Wings


It is well known that art helps us process emotions and can bring healing to a wounded heart. 

But did you know that just as art can calm and soothe your mind and spirit, it can also help bring healing to your body?

Abstract By Design


Have you always wanted to create big, beautiful, bold abstract art for your home? Me too! That's why I have brought this class to life! Over the last few years, I have begun to create large abstract pieces to hang on our walls. The process is both exciting and delightful - full of surprises, happy accidents and a wonderful sense of freedom. 


Between Shadow and Light

Help support Houston

Through September, 100% of all proceeds from the sale of this class will be donated to the Red Cross Houston to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.