Home office makeover

For the past 48 hours, we've been hard at work redoing my home office...or as I like to lovingly refer to it - my studio. For months, I had put off re-designing it. Not really sure why? I think  I was scared I would make a mistake but finally I worked up the courage and tackled it. Chris devoted some of our budget to it and voila - a NEW creative space for Grace & I!!! Check it out... Now Grace and I have a space to craft together. She loves her new "big girl" table!

The decor is a blend of new pieces from Ikea and old items I've collected from various antique and thrift stores.  I like the contrast between the clean white lines and the imperfection of the found objects.

Now this room feels like me!

Do you have a special place in your home where you create?

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


p.s. Don't forget...we are off to Greece on Wednesday! If you missed our other "trips" catch up here and here.

Everything gray

No, I'm not depressed, nor has the sun left us just yet. I have a thing for gray. Last night I dreamed that I was looking thru Flickr finding beautiful gray photography. Strange? Yes, but I'm hardly surprised, since I completely overdosed on my blogland visits yesterday evening. I decided to follow my dream and do a post on all things gray.

Gray is such a soothing color to me. Perhaps that's why I don't get too sad in the winters here. The rain can be incredibly annoying but on the other hand, on gloomy days, my yoga pants, warm cups of tea and good books beckon me to the sofa. Gray can be soft, feminine, elegant but I also find it such a comfy color. Like a hug. It reminds me of sweatshirts, knitted cardigans and cozy scarves. Heavy clouds. Dripping rain on the window. My kitty cat (she's very gray).

I guess I just love it.

All images via weheartit

And look how lovely it looks in your home...so peacful.

1. domino twin beds, 2. domino gray, 3. love the two tone of gray, 4. marie claire bedroom

Want some gray Etsy lovelies? I got ya covered.

1. Hettle 2. laralewis 3. whiteowl 4. vaeda

I hope you love these gray things as much as I do.

As for your weekend...I hope it is beautiful and sunny! After all, summer's not over yet.


Love your desk

My desk has been bothering me. It was full of lovely things but it felt messy and unorganized...sound familiar?

Something had to be done.

While Grace painted outside, I cleared off the entire surface and started over.

I knew the vintage chalk board that I found antiquing needed to hold court as my inspiration board, so that went up first. With a little time and lots of moving objects around, it slowly fell into place.

I'm especially fond of my sting of inspirational images...thanks to Artful Blogging and Boho magazine.

Tomorrow I have to clean off the blackboard...it has far too much math on it for my taste. I just noticed this in the pictures.

I think some lovely poetry would do nicely.

How's your desk looking? Does it need some love?



Summer Days

This past weekend the weather was amazing. Sunny, clear and warm. Like good Portlanders we got out and did the things you are supposed to do when the sun comes out!

We went to the farmer's market and gobbled up tons of fresh berries. Yum.

We filled the house with fresh blooms and...

adored the garden.

And of course, we went barefoot in the cool, green grass.

Hope your summer days are filled with simple delights.



More decoupage love...

Next to making skin & body care products my new obsession is decoupage. I dabbled with it back in high school but never really had much success. This is what I've been working on lately. I love the whole concept of turning something ordinary or even trash worthy into something functional and beautiful. I'm pretty new to this but I find it so therapeutic. I sourced paper from my local craft shop and also from a wonderful seller on Etsy who has vintage papers, documents and other lovlies for paper crafts!

One of my projects inspired by EAB Designs is this adorned apothecary bottle.

I had so much fun making this special little bottle.

My second project was to take this hot cocoa tin and transform it into a beautiful pen holder for my desk. Grace sat across from me doing her own collage work. It was such a pleasure to sit quietly with her - listening to soft music and happily cutting and pasting away.

My pen holder has a travel theme to it...since I often dream of jet setting to fabulous destinations.  This project was a delight and it cost me pennies to make.

Okay, well that's all for now, but I have a stack of finds from thrift stores that I can't wait to re-invent!

Never thought of myself as crafty but then again I never thought I'd make skin care products either...who knew?



I heart Samantha Robinson

I think I have a crush on a set of tea cups...weird - yes, but seriously, these are to die for. So delicate, feminine and unique. I want.

Samantha's studio is pretty amazing too. Light filled, dreamy - the kind of magical place where sweet little teacups are born.

Her teapots, bowls and vases are also treasures to lust over.

Where to buy? Anthropologie, of course.

Now, I just have to convince my hubby that $128.00 teacups are worth it.



Images via: Samantha Robinson, Anthropologie & decor8


White lilacs, black table

Our little breakfast nook is coming together. The new table and chairs we ordered look lovely and a crystal pitcher filled with white lilacs makes me smile each time I pass by. Still need a rug...but one thing at a time right? At least we have somewhere to sit now...

Put a fresh bouquet of flowers on your table. It is sure to brighten your day.



Dreamy Blue Bedrooms

Now, I'm not typically a blue gal when it comes to decor. But lately... I've been drawn to this soft, moody color. I adore the layering of blue tones, the rich textures and added sparkle via glass, crystal & mirrors. So glamorous... These beautiful bedrooms soothe the eyes don't they?


Ivy Images via Flickr: 1. xJavierx 2. & 3. coco + kelley 4. Belledame73 4. Lil' Ho

Pretty French Bedrooms

Honestly, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed in this new house. My mind is racing with ideas and I really need to write them down. Maybe I will try and organize my thoughts this weekend. In the meantime, I found myself drooling over this gorgeous french bed...

Did I mention I need new bedding? Add that to the list.

Have a beautiful weekend!



Images via: The French Bedroom Company

Keep calm and have a cupcake

Between family coming into town to celebrate Grace's birthday, moving into a new home, trying to figure out how to furnish this new home AND stay in budget, not sleeping and preparing to go out of town, I'm feeling a little exhausted...frayed and frankly, a bit overwhelmed.

Today, my mother literally sent me to my room and told me to take a nap...I think I was being a tad crazy.

A nap was needed.

Upon waking I knew what I must do.

I had to go on a mission to buy cupcakes for Grace's classroom birthday celebration tomorrow.

I grabbed Grace and my mom, led them to the car and took off like a mad woman to Saint Cupcake Deluxe on SE Belmont!

I wasn't coming home until I had two dozen beautiful cupcake creations in my possession.

Well, at least I got one thing on my list done.

For the first time this week I felt a bit better, calmer.

Amongst the chaos, the boxes, the mess...I sat, devoured a chocolate cupcake and smiled.

Hope you are having a productive and happy week so far.

If not...go on a cupcake run.



p.s. As a sweet bonus, this newly remodeled Saint Cupcake location is tied to a fabulous home decor and gift store called Noun - a treasure trove of unique vintage decor, accessories and art. Yummy treats for your tummy and your home. Love that combo.

Check out some of these lovelies...

And the charming shop...

Images via holiday jenny, saint cupcake and noun.

Shades of Gold & Gray

Sorry I've been away...moving is such a pain. Anyway, I think I have decided on the palette for my very blank living room.

I am in love with these shades of gold and gray balanced with creamy whites. I want the room to feel peaceful, refined and elegant. I'll keep you posted with the progress.

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

Back to packing...



Images via Flickr & West Elm: 1. West Elm (center), 2. Ka la - Champagne citrine and gold-filled dangle earrings earrings, 3. 1970s Wallpaper design, 4. Gold and grey, 5. Gray and Gold Sunset, 6. 54/365 - Gold Rush, 7. Grey Wolf, 8. grey, gold, white, 9. Blue/Grey Pearl Stretchy Bracelet, 10. Gold and gray poppy stained glass window, 11. gold and grey, 12. gold and silver, 13. Gray & Gold

A Flower Love Affair

I'm in love - with a flower. Yes, I know it sounds a little strange but I have a bit of an obsession with Peonies. Mine have not bloomed yet and I'm dying to see them. So when I was casually strolling out the door of my local organic grocer, I was stopped dead in my tracks.

A peony?? This early? I must have looked puzzled because the woman working the florals came up to me and said, "Aren't they lovely?"

I nodded and finally managed to ask what this gorgeous flower was.  A hybrid, she said. A cross between a garden rose and a peony. Sigh....it was love at first sight.

I walked home smiling, three amazing flowers cradled in my arms.

Me, my camera and the roses spent the rest of the afternoon together.

Go buy yourself some flowers - you deserve it.



Breakfast Nook Ideas

So, we get the keys to our new home on Thursday and I can hardly contain myself! Can't wait to get in there and start designing. My mind is a whir with ideas... In our sunny kitchen we have a lovely breakfast area. It overlooks the garden that backs to a peaceful forest.

(I'm gonna be taking pictures like a mad woman)

My goal for our breakfast nook : fresh, romantic & relaxing. The perfect place to sit, sip tea and flip through a magazine or have a casual family meal.

Anyway, I went collecting images for inspiration.

I'll be taking before and after pics to share with you all.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!



Images via Flickr: 1. ihearthome 2. TPHCanada 3. decorology 4. coco + kelly 5. Paris Hotel Boutique 6. It's Great to be Home 7. Ashley S. Goodwin

By the dozen

This week was all about eggs...we dyed eggs, made craft eggs and decorated the Easter tree...(a bit late, I know) and I even made tried an Egg Strata recipe that we devoured.

I added green onions, mushrooms, ham, onion and red pepper to the recipe. YUM!

I am amazed by the simple beauty of an egg.

We made simple foam eggs covered in glitter and stickers. Grace is kinda obsessed with stickers and I'm kinda obsessed with glitter so we were both happy.

The Easter tree was fun to put together. Adorned with ribbons, fluffy pink chicks, butterflies and strands of pastel eggs, it's Grace's favorite tree so far...

Tomorrow we head to church and then a lovely brunch with friends.

Have a lovely Easter Sunday!



Inspired by Burlap

This simple, textured material has caught my eye.

Add a dash of vintage stenciling, french flair and elegant upholstery and this versatile fabric strikes a fine balance between rustic and formal. The fact that burlap is super cheap and can be up-cycled via coffee and feed bags gives burlap crafts a nice "green" edge too.

Find new burlap here. Old burlap here. Need vintage French stencils? Got you covered...here.

I'm not typically all that crafty but this I must try.

Check out these lovely burlap creations...

Have a lovely afternoon.



Images: 1. Raised in Cotton 2. EAB Designs 3. lilmissi 4. JolieMarche 5. & 6. funkyshique 7. Rosenatti

I'm dreaming of a farmhouse table...

Okay, so yesterday we found out that we got the rental home! We are thrilled. We toured the house again yesterday and Grace ran around the backyard, giggling with delight! We even met the little girl who lives next door. She's 3 1/2 and so adorable. Grace is so excited to play with her. She keeps asking me, "When are we going back to our new house mommy?" She's almost as anxious as me.

My mind is buzzing with design concepts.

First order of business...the dining room. For the first time in seven years we will actually have one so, of course, I want it to be fabulous. I want to strike a balance between rustic, eclectic and elegant. I've always wanted a big, old farmhouse table so I think I will start there...

1. Rustic Farmhouse Dining, 2. Contemporary Comfort - Dining Room, 3. claire forlani dining room, 4. The old man in the dining room.

1. touches of turquoise & orange, 2. Updated Traditional Dining Room, 3. heather chadduck dining room, 4. Inspiration country dining room

As usual, Flickr has been a source of inspiration.  I am in love with those stenciled numbers on the back of the dining room chairs! So unique. So much fun to dream and get my design energy going again. Forgive my meandering into the interior design world - although Grace & Ivy is always a focus for me, setting up a new home is so exciting.

Another first, will be the opportunity to set up my very own office/creative space - an endeavor I have been craving.

Please do share any ideas you might have...as usual I love to read your comments!



White done right

Often white walls are considered boring, but when white is done right it can be brilliant. White works when it looks intentional.

Balanced with warm textures and pops of color a white palette can be calming, fresh, clean and inviting.

Facing the possibility of a rental home with lots of white walls, (that I'm not allowed to paint) I thought I better find some inspiration!

Check out these fabulous white interiors...

Have a great Tuesday!



Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. decorology 5. 6. 7.  brent.darby 8. designsponge

Easter Decorating

With St. Patty's Day behind us, Grace is already begging me to decorate her holiday tree with Easter ornaments. She is requesting, eggs, bunnies and her favorite...hearts. So today, while looking for inspiration I came across some beautiful Easter eye candy here.

I'm in love with these silver eggs...so pretty.  How to make them...click here.

The perfect table setting for a sunny Easter brunch....

Might try to make these beaded egg ornaments with Gracie. They are so precious.

Whatever your traditions are for Easter...make your nest beautiful.



All images via MarthaStewart.com

Rubie Green Love

So...I'm in bed with a yucky cold. It hit me late last night. I guess my body was fed up with my lack of sleep and the stress of selling our home.

The good news - I am cozy in bed, the rain is coming down, I'm sipping hot tea and I'm getting completely lost in blog land. It's the perfect ingredients for inspiration, minus the stuffy head and pink nose...

On my voyage through the endless sea of my favorite sites, I washed ashore on the island of Rubie Green. A lush, eco-friendly island. Complete with fresh color, vibrant pattern and oh so organic cottony goodness.

Young interior designer and creator of Rubie Green, Michelle Adams, has achieved a wonderful balance between classic and edgy. Her patterns are fresh, young and so much fun. She has created a collection that would work in any home and with any design style from traditional to ultra modern. Not an easy feat.

Best of all she uses all organic cottons for her luxe upholstery fabrics, pillow covers and super cute bags. She has very strong beliefs about remaining true to nature and the environment-

Here at Rubie Green, our mission is to dress your surroundings in fabrics that represent vitality, energy, comfort and style, all while maintaining respect to the environment by using only 100% organic cotton. We believe in classic designs that are familiar to every decade, re-vitalized in an eco-friendly manner. We know that natural does not mean boring, and that interiors make a house a home.

Go check out her site and prepared to get inspired.

Good for the planet and great for interior design! I'm in love.



All images via Rubie Green