Hello and Welcome to the Online á la carte Classroom! 

Horses on the horizon 

Welcome my friends to this project lesson - Horses on the Horizon! I’m so very delighted you have joined me here for this á la carte class!

This wonderful Mixed Media project is part of my Shades of White workshop and it is a favorite of my students, so I decided to pull this sweet lesson from the workshop and offer it individually so it could be available to more students!

In this mixed media project, we are going to focus on creating layers of subtle hues, pattern and texture. The focal point will be horses running along our horizon line. Compositional principles we will focus on are balancerhythm and variety.

I will be introducing the use of cold wax as our finishing layer. I think you guys are gonna love this stuff! It has a luscious consistency and adds a dreamy atmosphere. You can use it sparingly or build up texture in layers. If you bake and like to ice cakes…then get ready to enjoy this! Just remember don’t eat it! ;)

Please note - Cold wax takes a looooong time to set up and dry so make sure you have a safe place to store your painting while it cures. Also, you cannot mix acrylic paint into the cold wax. It is only compatible to be mixed with oil paints. It can, however be applied over an acrylic painting like we do here.

Remember that you don’t need a horse stencil to complete this project you can print out horse images and use carbon paper or transfer paper  to trace them onto your surface or you can freehand draw your horses if you wish!

***You can find many horse silhouette shapes right here that you can print out and trace onto your board!***


Please use what you HAVE!  It is not my intention at all to have you purchase everything on the list.  Buy only what you think you will use. There are a number of essential materials needed as noted below. Let me know if you have questions.

*Essential Supplies

Ok, let's get started...

Oh my...I do love that texture and the gauzy, mist like atmosphere the wax creates! The neutral tones are soothing but the active shapes of the horses gives the piece movement and tension. Notice how I placed the horizon line in the lower third of the painting rather than in the center. This creates a more interesting composition. Also, while the sky is light compared to the lower part of the painting, lights and darks are seen in both sections, creating color harmony.

Remember - you don't have to do horses! My students have interpreted this project in some many beautiful ways - birds, figures, flowers, trees and even mermaids! Use your imagination and do forms that resonate with you!

I hope you guys enjoy creating this! How do you like the cold wax? This is just one way to use it...In our resource section, I have recommend a book that has a variety of techniques!


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your teacher. It is the most rewarding, humbling and inspiring job I’ve ever had and I’m learning everyday right along with you!

Please do continue to share your artwork with the world, no matter your experience. It only encourages others to be brave.

Much love and gratitude to you all.



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