Day Eight


Hello dear subscribers,

Can you believe we are already at DAY 8 of our 12 Days of Creativity?

Today, I have three of my all time favorite Instragram artists for you to check out! Instagram is another wonderful source of inspiration and community and if you aren’t on there...I highly recommend it. Think Facebook but WAAAAYYYY more quiet and all visual! It’s an artist’s delight!

Come on over to view these beautiful artists!

The first artist is Jamie Heiden. She creates the most beautiful, digital photography works. Full of mystery, subtly and magic. I just love her work!


The next artist is Emily Jeffords. I have long admired her elegant brushwork and light-filled abstract landscapes. This artist truly expresses an artful life full of joy.


My final pic is artist, Tina Berning! Her art is bold, modern and absolutely gorgeous. I find inspiration in the amazing ways she simplifies form and her unique use of color and pattern.

Now for our video of the day - I'm including this bonus lesson from my class Mobile Art Magic! I show you how you can print out one of your digital creations onto canvas and add more brushstrokes and details! Hope you will try this at home! So much fun! 

***My printer for these canvases -***


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